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French Black Metal duo BERLIAL sign to My Kingdom Music.

BERLIAL Band members 1

My Kingdom Music is proud to announce the signing of French evocative Black Metal duo BERLIAL. Their sophomore album “Nourishing The Disaster To Come” will be released in the early days of 2025 on digipakCD, LP & digital format.
Here is what the band says: “We are happy to announce our agreement with My Kingdom Music and above all to present our new album soon because behind it there has really been a huge amount of work, full of details that make it an extremely personal and unique creature”.
“Nourishing The Disaster To Come” was built with a sort of cinematic narrative. Its atmospheres, the samples, the spoken speeches, the music built like a wall of sound, make everything extreme, oppressive and delirious but at the same time with a truly unique oniric dimension.
What BERLIAL offer with it is a polymorphic and very iconoclastic Black Metal with electronic, post-rock and dungeon synth elements which brings them alongside bands such as Dødheimsgard, Akhlys, Blut Aus Nord, Deadspace, Afraid of Destinity, Raven Throne, Decline of the I.
BERLIAL, how to feed the disaster, knowing you can’t do without it.

BERLIAL Band members 1

Hsod – guitars, bass, programing, back vocals
CzH: lead vocals, keyboards
Special guest: Bargnatt XIX (Ophe, Område, Ecr.Linf) – additional voice

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