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Garden of Stone released Idol of Flesh single, The debut EP Tides of Decay out on February! 

The Finnish melancholic metal band Garden of Stone is set to release their debut EP ‘Tides of Decay’ on February 15th 2024 via Inverse Records. The second single Idol of Flesh is released today with lyric video: 

Guitarist Ville Penkari comments:
“Idol of Flesh is the second single from Garden of Stone’s upcoming debut EP, Tides of Decay. The song showcases the band at their heaviest. Where Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.1 is slow and brooding, Idol of Flesh is fast and heavy. The song hits hard at the listener until the heavy guitars and brutal screams turn into a soft embrace of clean guitar and singing melodies. This does not go on for too long, as the song is driven home with the energy that was established at the beginning, without forgetting a breakdown that will make your neck move without your permission.The lyrics handle fear as an entity that is crowned as both the ruler of all and the highest currency.” 

LISTEN Idol of Flesh single on streaming services: 

Garden of Stone is a melodic metal band that weaves together melancholic rock and heavy metal. From the band you can expect brooding atmospheres, beautiful melodies, and face melting riffs.

The band was formed in 2023 when guitarists Jere Mäntysalo and Ville Penkarirecruited Jesse Salo to sing and scream for their project. Soon after, drummer Tapio Haverinen joined to keep the rhythm department in check. The group was completed when bassist Kalle Hänninen joined to govern the lowest frequencies. Guest drummer Matias Rokio arranged and played the drums for the upcoming EP. The band published their first single, Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.1, in Dec

Garden of Stone Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.1

Track list:

  1. Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.1
  2. Idol of Flesh
  3. Seeker of Salvation
  4. Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.2

Artwork by Noora Khouya


Jere Mäntysalo – Guitar
Jesse Salo – Vocals
Kalle Hänninen – Bass
Ville Penkari – Guitar
Matias Rokio – Drums


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