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Gates Open “Voice After Silence” Album Review by Curtis J. Dupree

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When reviewing albums it is important to give them more than one listen. When I first heard Voice after Silence I enjoyed it, but I was not blown away. However, subsequent listens revealed a great album and one that points to a bright future for the artist. 

Gates Open plays an interesting hybrid of black/death/thrash metal, and any fans of the aforementioned genres would do well to check out this album. The production is decent and clean, if a little sterile. The guitars have a nice bite, thankfully. There is actually a good bit of black metal on this record, more than I expected. The vocals are growled but not too guttural. The lead work deserves special mention, as it is utilized exceptionally well to fit the songs.

Opening track, “The Awakening,” features a killer riff and catchy vocals. There is also a good use of double kick for emphasis. The vocals are well done. One of my favorite aspects of the song is the tasteful lead work that gives the song more color. This song sufficiently demonstrates Gates Open’s infectious blend of black/trash/death metal.

Ominous riffing is the name of the game on “Let the Night Become Your Guide.” The song’s tempo is mid-paced, but hard-hitting. One could even say that the song features tasty grooves. Once again we are treated to tasteful soloing. 

Till Death Unite Us” is speedier, featuring a great, thrashy riff. The double kick work is also a highlight. The song features one of my favorite riffs on the album. There is also a cool solo that fits the song perfectly. We also get a great break for the bass to lead under the vocals, sans guitar.

A Place Called Home” starts slow and darkly beautiful. After this opening, slow black metal riffing kicks in. One thing I appreciated was the subtle use of background melodies to add to the atmosphere. The riffing isn’t the strongest on the album, but it is nice and atmospheric. Once again we have quality lead work that elevates the song.

Gates Open” features another softer, but ominous opening that works well. The song then comes in heavy with a cool black metal riff. The vocal rhythms on this song are appealingly catchy. We get a nice break with softer guitars and good bass lines. Good riffs and subtle melodies are found in the chorus. 

I, the Intellectual” opens with a good death/thrash riff. The riffs and vocals on this song are quite catchy. This song features more thrash/death riffs than black metal riffs. I would describe the song as rhythmically propulsive. I would also say that this song is one of the catchiest songs on the album. 

Opening at a good clip we have “We Are No More.” The chorus has one of the album’s biggest hooks. These guys really know how to use rhythm well. The song could be described as a good black/thrash/death hybrid. 

The album concludes with two solid tracks, both with good riffs and hooks. The first of these is simply called, “Death.” One highlight of the overall appealing track is the small, but nice lead break.

The evocatively titled “Northern Dark” finishes the album. The song has a good riff and it kicks off with a bang. It is yet another solid tune. As is the case with several other tracks, an exemplary lead break elevates the song.

The album doesn’t overstay its welcome. At 9 songs and a hair over 36 minutes, Gates Open leaves the listener wanting more rather than being fatigued. Voice after Silence is an appealing blend of black/death/thrash metal elevated by memorable songwriting and appealing lead work. If the first listen doesn’t grab you, by all means give it another go. This album is a strong debut and I am interested to see where the duo goes from here. 

Reviewer Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. The Awakening
  2. Let The Night Become Your Guide
  3. Till Death Unite Us
  4. A Place Called Home
  5. Gates Open
  6. I, The Intellectual
  7. We Are No More
  8. Death
  9. Northern Dark

Tommi Manninen – Vocals
Jere Neejärvi – Guitars, Bass, Drums


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