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Gaute Storsve Band’s ‘Bebé K’awiil’: A Harmonious Blend of Nordic Jazz and Latin Beats Inspired by Ancient Maya Gods

Apollon Records proudly presents Bebé K’awiil, the latest album by Gaute Storsve Band (former Gaute Storsve Trio), scheduled for release on February 23rd. This album is a musical journey inspired by ancient Maya gods, masterfully blending Nordic jazz with Latin rhythms. The thematic inspiration for this album stems from Gaute Storsve‘s profound engagement with Maya culture and archaeology, spanning over 25 years.

His deep appreciation and understanding of this rich heritage have significantly shaped the band’s innovative musical direction, culminating in this vibrant new release.

The track and single “Oración a Ixchel” features the enchanting vocals of Cuban singer Patricia Morales, complemented by the profound rhythms of Cuban percussionist Angel Terry Domech of the Buena Vista Social Club. The lyrics, penned by Guatemalan Christina Violeta Thrane Storsve, pay homage to the Maya goddess Ixchel, blending mythical themes with contemporary musical flair.

The artwork for both the single(s) and the full album, crafted by Maya artist Francisco Javier Iquic Garcia, is deeply rooted in ancient Maya traditions. This visual style resonates with the album’s exploration of Maya gods, enriching the overall thematic experience.

Renowned for its unique fusion of Nordic jazz and Latin American music, the Gaute Storsve Band continues to redefine the boundaries of jazz. Regular airplay of two tracks from their previous album El Gran Gotzilla on NRK Jazz for nearly two years stands as a testament to their growing influence in the Nordic jazz scene.

Bebé K’awiil will be available on vinyl, CD, and all digital platforms through Apollon Records. The band’s lineup includes Gaute Storsve (Weserbergland) on guitars, Patricia Morales on vocals, Ingrid Berg Mehus on violin, Jørgen Mathisen on saxophones, Petter Barg on bass, Angel Terry Domech on percussion, and Vetle Adrian Larsen on drums. The album is produced by Aleksander Sjølie.

Gaute Storsve Band album cover


  1. Bebé K_awiil 6:50
  2. Oración a Ixchel 4:59
  3. Kinich 5:56
  4. Itzamna 5:37
  5. Chaak 7:56
  6. Ixchel 7:19

Attention:This Is Not A Toy, For Adult Collectors Only, 2018 (Ellingsongs)
El Gran Gotzilla , 2022 ( Apollon Records)- both albums as Gaute Storsve Trio

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