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Greek Heavy Rock outfit KHIRKI announces new album “Κυκεώνας”.

KHIRKI Band Members

After the success of their debut album “Κτηνωδία” in 2021, Athens heavy rock trio Khirki is back with their highly anticipated second full-length record “Κυκεώνας“, which has been slated for release on April 12 via Venerate Industries. Drawing inspiration from the legendary sorceress Circe from Homer’s Odyssey, Khirki continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of Rock’n’Roll and seductive Greek Folk.

Despite the challenges of creating a sophomore album, Khirki has managed to uphold their very own mixture of sounds, while also expanding their musical horizons. “Κυκεώνας” weaves mythological tales with traditional instruments, proggy twists, captivating choruses, bass-heavy beats, 70s rock vibes, and powerful metal riffs, creating an intoxicating musical experience. Lyrically, the album pays tribute to the elemental power and symbolism of the sea, delving into themes of storms and the call of freedom.

Bassist Orestes Katsaros about the album: “ΚΥΚΕΩΝΑΣ is a reflection of where the band is mentally this period. We had big changes in our lives, both band-related and individual, and this inevitably took form in the album. The sea and the element of water, represent exactly that. Change, and all that comes with it. Anxiety, fear, dealing with failure, hope, exploring new horizons. Each song of the album has a unique way of approaching these concepts, while also being full of surprises for the listener. Τα πάντα ρει, μηδέποτε κατά τ’αυτό μένειν.

Guitarist and vocalist Dimos Ioannou continues: “We took a lot of risks on this album, and I think it paid off. We tried new ideas and expanded our sound so that the end result was an exciting record from start to finish. We want to surprise the listener, as much as we want to surprise ourselves, in each and every song. In ΚΥΚΕΩΝΑΣ, we became quieter but also noisier. Still, no compromise in terms of riffs and melodies, that’s for sure!

Khirki comments: “We chose ‘Featherless‘ as the album opener, as well as the first single and video, because it introduces the theme and vibe of the album with a bang. It is fast, uplifting, and packed with riffs and hooks. We chose to shoot the video in an old, rusty, and almost spooky hotel in the centre of Athens because it sets a fitting atmosphere for the song. The lyrical concept is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, where a Siren fails to seduce Ulysses and his crew with her song, because their ears were covered with wax while Ulysses himself was tied to the ship’s mast. However, in our version, we aimed to express her point of view and her obsession with him once he managed to flee, after failing at the thing she’s destined to do by nature. It portrays a twisted kind of romance, even though her ultimate goal was to kill him!

KHIRKI Album Covers

01. Featherless
02. Pumping the Vein
03. The Watchers of Enoch
04. Συμπληγάδες
05. Your Majesty
06. Father Wind
07. Heart of the Sea
08. Hekate

Khirki are:
Dimos Ioannou – Guitars & Vocals 
Orestes Katsaros – Bass
Orestes Mavros – Drums & Percussion

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