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GVLLOW Embarks On A Journey of Emotional Growth and Sonic Evolution With Brand New Album TWIN FLAMES.


Today marks the release of “Twin Flames,” the latest album from the multifaceted artist GVLLOW, who continues to defy genres with his unique blend of music. This new body of work encompasses both the dark and the light of GVLLOW‘s personal journey, featuring a mix of re-recorded and re-mastered fan-favorite hits and new material that underscores his evolution as an artist.

“Twin Flames’ comes from my progression through life. Through time I have grown emotionally and have found happiness and true love, but have not forgotten the sadness I have had to endure to find the light,” GVLLOW shares, reflecting on the depth and duality of his new album.

The album includes re-recorded and re-mixed versions of hit singles “Last Dance“, “Pray to God“, and “Fell In Love With A Ghost“, alongside fresh tracks such as today’s focus track “Other Side“, showcasing GVLLOW‘s dynamic range and introspective lyricism.

What The Press Say About Gvllow:

A fascinating solo artist bringing together elements of goth, darkwave, punk and rap.”


“SoCal’s Gvllow…pulls elements of Eighties goth, post-punk and death-rock into his eerie, dance-floor-ready brand of heavy hip-hop.”

– Revolver

“truly a must-listen for anybody who values variety and intrigue in their playlists.”

– Alternative Press

“From gritty hip hop to cold dark wave, the emerging prospect goes beyond genre to assert an identity all his own.”


About Gvllow:

GVLLOW‘s sound is an eclectic tapestry woven from the rich influences of ’80s new wave, SoCal punk rock, and the iconic beach sounds of legends like Dick Dale and The Beach Boys. Born and raised in the vibrant punk scene of Riverside, California, he began his musical journey playing drums and immersing himself in the local live music scene, absorbing the energy and ethos of acts like Dr. Know and TSOL.

After a stint as a DJ in the underground rap scene for artists like Ghostemane and Lil Peep, and touring with City Morgue, GVLLOW emerged with two solo albums that spotlight his diverse talents. His previous releases, “Waste Away“(2018) and “Gvllow” (2020) which features collaborations with Travis BarkerBrennan Savage, and Jack Grisham (TSOL), spawning successful singles and earning him a significant following.

His sound shifted significantly in 2021 when he released the ‘Spiritwalker‘ EP, the release saw his stylistic expansion into post-punk and dark wave. Heavily influenced by by the likes of Drab Majesty, Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus, the transition began with highly acclaimed single “Last Dance” and has continued throughout the ‘Spiritwalker’ EP and his 2022 releases – “Die By Your Hand”, “Falling Down”, “Not Sorry” and the ‘Suffer‘ EP.

GVLLOW Album Cover

Track Listing

  1. Intro/Mourning
  2. It’s So Cold
  3. Leave Me Alone
  4. Pray To God
  5. Say Goodbye
  6. Die By Your Hand
  7. Last Dance
  8. Other Side
  9. Night Love
  10. Fell In Love With A Ghost
  11. Until The Light Takes Me
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