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Harm’s Way has unveiled their latest single and video, “Undertow,” featuring King Woman.

Harms Way

Despite Harm’s Way’s well-known reputation for unrelenting ferocity, “Common Suffering” offers unexpected moments of quiet intricacy in its songwriting, highlighting a play of light and shadow. It’s their adept orchestration of these contrasting dynamics that gives their latest work an unparalleled sense of relentlessness. This represents Harm’s Way at their zenith—a bold exploration of fresh concepts, resulting in their most potent and fully realized work to date. In their unlikely new single, “Undertow,” the band collaborates with Kristina Esfandiari (King Woman), whose haunting vocals introduce an entirely new dimension. The song is accompanied by a captivating video directed by Finn O’Connell, featuring both Harm’s Way and Esfandiari.

Of the single, the band reveals, “‘Undertow’ looks at the cycle of life and death, and one’s process of coming to a space of acceptance with the latter. While we can argue that self-preservation is inherently human, finding peace in death and dying brings us that much closer to humility and our shared humanity.” Watch the video below.

For nearly two decades, Harm’s Way has undergone a remarkable transformation, transitioning from underground favorites whispered among a select few to becoming revered icons with a formidable arsenal of songs that have significantly shaped the trajectory of heavy music. In doing so, they have provided a roadmap for countless others seeking to redefine themselves within the genre. Harm’s Way has consistently avoided complacency, continuously evolving and adapting their influences in novel and imaginative ways, resulting in some of the most meticulously crafted tracks in the realms of hardcore punk and metal.

However, despite their chameleon-like evolution and the diversity of their previous works, “Common Suffering” stands out as their most musically varied endeavor to date. The album shines with remarkably memorable riffs, thunderous breakdowns, and impeccable songwriting. Its title serves as a poignant nod to the collective experiences of the tumultuous past three years—marked by chaos, misanthropy, paranoia, disorder, confusion, and anxiety. Throughout the album, the band delves into themes encompassing personal struggles with mental health, relationships, political upheaval, corruption, and the abuse of political power.

For this record, Harm’s Way chose to record at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania, collaborating with producer Will Yip (known for his work with Turnstile and Code Orange). The recording process aimed to refine the band’s techniques, explore vocal cadences, and experiment with production to extract the best from each track. A notable change involved refocusing band members on their specific strengths. While vocalist James Pligge had previously contributed to riffs, his primary focus for this effort was honing the perfect vocal attack. He leaned on Yip for guidance, allowing the rest of the band to fully explore their respective roles. The result is each member pushing their abilities to new heights and creating material that ventures into uncharted territory, unclaimed by any other band, or the hardcore genre at large.

As remarkable and impressive as “Common Suffering” is, the precision-guided sonic explosions that define the album offer ten more reasons for Harm’s Way fans to eagerly anticipate one of the most intense and unique live performances on the planet. Amidst the wide smiles, frenetic movements, and bodies colliding on the periphery of the pit, audiences will witness the extraordinary and unparalleled nature of the band’s latest effort. This fall, the band embarks on a month-long North American tour, taking them through the Midwest, Texas, both coasts, and beyond.

FleshwaterIngrown and Jivebomb are set as support. See below for a full list of dates. Purchase tickets here.

Common Suffering sees its release September 29 across all digital streaming platforms, vinyl and CD formats via Metal Blade Records. See below for variant options and to pre-order.

Pre-Order / Pre-Save Common Suffering Here

Harms Way 1

Track Listing:
01. Silent Wolf
02. Denial
03. Hollow Cry
04. Devour
05. Undertow
06. Heaven’s Call
07. Cyanide
08. Terrorizer
09. Sadist Guilt
10. Wanderer

Harms Way tour flyer

Harms Way Live Dates:
Tickets On Sale Here
Sep 22: Mississauga, ON – Hold Your Ground Fest
Oct 18: Milwaukee, WI – X-Ray Arcade (SOLD OUT)
Oct 19: St. Louis, MO – Blueberry Hill
Oct 20: Louisville, KY – Portal
Oct 21: Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
Oct 22: Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
Oct 24: Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground
Oct 25: Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
Oct 27: Brooklyn, NY – Monarch
Oct 28: Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
Oct 29: Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
Oct 30: Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
Oct 31: Richmond, VA – Canal Club
Nov 01: Atlanta, GA – Masquerade – Hell
Nov 03: Dallas, TX – Studio at The Factory
Nov 04: Austin, TX – Mohawk
Nov 05: Houston, TX – Warehouse Live Studio
Nov 07: Phoenix, AZ – The Nile
Nov 08: Las Vegas, NV – Eagle Aerie Hall
Nov 09: Los Angeles, CA – 1720
Nov 10: San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
Nov 11: Berkeley, CA – 924 Gilman Street (SOLD OUT)
Nov 12: Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
Nov 14: Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall
Nov 15: Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
Nov 16: Kansas City, MO – RecordBar
All Dates w/ Fleshwater, Ingrown, Jivebomb

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