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Harpazo “The Crucible” Album Review by Jorge Pozo


I’m almost embarrassed to admit that Harpazo’s masterpiece, “The Crucible,” slipped past my radar until now.

With an unbelievable roster of talent including DC Cooper (Royal Hunt), Mark Zonder (Fates WarningWarlord), Les Carlsen (Bloodgood), Rey Parra (Deny the FallenSacred Warrior), Christian Liljegren(Narnia), Michael Drive Lee (Barren CrossWorldview), Niklas Kahl (Lord of the LostFlaming Row), Lee Lemperle (Outside the Wall), Bruno Sa (Operation Mindcrime), Enzo Donnarumma (Enzo and the Glory Ensemble), and Jennifer Eckhart (Jennifer K Eckhart & Stained Glass Road), this album is not merely a collection of songs but a monumental event in the realm of progressive metal rock operas.

Kicking things off, “Ichor” plunges the listener into the dystopian world of Jude Solomon, CEO of Ichor. The track sets the tone with a progressive blend of hooks, sinister riffs, and lush keyboard arrangements reminiscent of KansasDC Cooper’s powerful vocals introduce us to a narrative drenched in ambition and technological dreams. This opening track is not just an introduction but a bold statement: this album demands your full attention.

“Legion Program” follows, displaying tight, expert guitar work that seamlessly morphs into the epic “I Am God.” This track is a perfect showcase of Jude Solomon’s overarching narrative, delivered through robust guitar melodies and uptempo rhythms. The potent combination of Marc Centanni‘s rhythm guitars and Gary Wehrkamp‘s key arrangements elevates this track to a higher realm, paving the way for the manifold layers and complexities yet to unfold.

The standout “Golden Crown” then brings an element of royalty with Lee Lemperle portraying Princess Relena Umberto. The song begins with a serene acoustic strum, gradually escalating into a full-blown orchestral epic. Here, the vocal dynamics between Lee Lemperle and DC Cooper create a riveting dialogue, armoring the song with emotional depth and storytelling prowess. The instrumental arrangements, particularly Wehrkamp’s keys and intricate solos, are simply enthralling, making this track a standout.

As we delve deeper, the title track “The Crucible” showcases the thematic richness and complex structuring that this album hinges upon. Featuring Michael Drive Lee as Pope John X, this piece stands as a tour de force in progressive metal. Mark Zonder’s dynamic drumming complements a tightly woven guitar interplay between Wehrkamp and Centanni. This results in an intricately layered piece that continuously reveals new depths with each listen. The vocal harmonies and counterpoints exude a grandiose aura, enhanced by the operatic underpinning that gives the track an almost cinematic feel.

The 10-minute epic “Two Witnesses” stands as a milestone in the album. Featuring fierce vocal duets and layered harmonies from Rey ParraDC Cooper, and Michael Drive Lee, it mixes symphonic elements with powerful neo-prog keyboard whirls. The dynamic modulations and tempo shifts draw you into its intricate world, presenting a narrative that is as arresting as its musical execution. This track encapsulates the epic battle within and around The Messenger, casting vibrant musical strokes that are nothing short of remarkable.

Interspersed among these colossal tracks are thematic preludes and interludes, such as “Legion Program” and “We Are Weak.” These shorter pieces serve as both thematic anchors and atmospheric enrichments, layering the album with an additional dimension. “We Are Weak,” for instance, opens with an ominous music box that gradually evolves into a grandiose orchestral piece, setting a haunting yet compelling prelude to what unfolds next.

“Small Price to Pay” is another track that brilliantly marries musical complexity with narrative depth. In this song, the vocal duet between DC Cooper and Christian Liljegren offers a poignant auditory experience, blending melodic grandeur with a theatrical flair. The seamless transitions from heavy metal riffs to orchestral movements are executed with precision, making this track a resonant example of Harpazo’s unique capability to merge metal’s raw energy with symphonic sophistication.

The grand finale begins with “Change of Heart Pt. 2” and flows effortlessly into “The Book of Life.” These tracks serve as the emotional and narrative climax of the album. Gary Wehrkamp‘s cascading piano sets a serene yet poignant mood, leading into a soft vocal entry by Lee Lemperle. The gradual build-up to a symphonic and progressive metal crescendo encapsulates the essence of the entire album’s journey. The choral arrangements and harmonic layering add an ethereal touch, culminating in a powerful denouement.

“The Book of Life” then transitions the listener into a serene aftermath, almost like the ethereal calm after a storm. Lee Lemperle’s gentle vocals and the acoustic guitar bring a sense of resolution, yet the haunting melodies and lyrics suggest an enduring contemplation—a fitting end to a saga this grand.

“The Crucible” by Harpazo is not just an album; it’s a sophisticated sonic narrative that demands engagement from start to finish. The meticulous production, elaborate compositions, and thematic coherence make it a landmark entry in the progressive metal genre. Each track intricately weaves musical excellence with rich storytelling, creating an experience that is both musically and emotionally profound.

The only critique might be the occasional over-layering of symphonic elements that could use a bit more balancing in the mix to allow every instrument to shine brightly. Yet, this nuance doesn’t significantly detract from the overall listening pleasure. Instead, it adds to the album’s larger-than-life aura, befitting its narrative grandeur.

Fans of AvantasiaAyreonDream Theater, and Shadow Gallery will find “The Crucible” immensely gratifying. The album’s ability to intertwine complex narrative themes with musical innovation ensures it’s not just heard but experienced. It stands as a testament to the collaborative genius of Marc CentanniGary Wehrkamp, and their stellar lineup. “The Crucible” is undoubtedly a monumental achievement in modern progressive metal.

“The Crucible” by Harpazo is a breathtaking journey through sound and story, punctuated by stellar performances from a roster of accomplished musicians. With each listen, new layers unfold, inviting the listener to immerse deeper into its intricate world. Anyone labeling this album as anything less than a masterpiece would be severely mistaken.

Jorge’s Rating: 10 / 10

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harpazo album

Track Listing:

1. Ichor
2. Legion Program
3. I Am God
4. Golden Crown
5. The Crucible
6. Two Witnesses
7. Change of Heart Pt. 1
8. Ultimatum
9. We Are Weak
10. Small Price to Pay
11. Change of Heart Pt. 2
12. The Book of Life


DC Cooper – Royal Hunt
Gary Wehrkamp – Shadow Gallery / Ayreon
Mark Zonder – Fates Warning / Warlord
Marc Centanni – Harpazo
Les Carlsen – Bloodgood
Rey Parra – Deny the Fallen / Sacred Warrior
Jennifer Eckhart – Jennifer K Eckhart & the Stained Glass Road
Christian Liljegren – Narnia
Michael Drive Lee – Barren Cross / Worldview
Niklas Kahl – Lord of the Lost / Flaming Row
Lee Lemperle – Outside the Wall
Bruno Sa – Operation Mindcrime
Enzo and the Glory Ensemble band

Lead guitars by Gary Wehrkamp
Bass by Gary Wehrkamp
Keys and Piano by Gary Wehrkamp
All drums performed by Gary Wehrkamp except: Niklas Kahl on “I Am God”, “Change of Heart Pt. 1” and Mark Zonder on “Ichor”, “Golden Crown”, “The Crucible”, “The Book of Life”.


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