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Hellbutcher “Hellbutcher” Album Review by Jorge Pozo


In the cacophonous world of metal, where legends never die and the spirit of the past often fuels the fires of the new, HELLBUTCHER emerges as a phoenix from the embers of its predecessor, Nifelheim, to forge a future drenched in the essence of extreme metal. With Per “Hellbutcher” Gustavsson leading the onslaught on vocals, flanked by Necrophiliac and Iron Beast on guitars, Eld on bass, and Martin “Devastator” Axenrot demolishing the drums, this band is not just a new chapter but a whole new book of blackened speed metal mayhem.

From the get-go, “The Sword Of Wrath” carves a swath through the silence, announcing HELLBUTCHER‘s arrival with a blitz of speed metal that’s as relentless as it is mesmerizing. The tracks catapult listeners back in time, not to replicate but to reinvigorate. The ferocity found in “Perdition” and “Violent Destruction” is a masterclass in speed and aggression, interwoven with melodies that hook the listener, dragging them through each anthem of destruction.

Yet, it’s not all about speed and slaughter. “Death’s Rider” and “Possessed By The Devil’s Flames” incorporate a rock ‘n’ roll swagger, peppered with an audacious attitude that adds a gritty vigor to the album. The influence of Iron Maiden and the NWOBHM movement is unmissable, yet HELLBUTCHER uses these inspirations not as a crutch but as a trampoline, launching themselves into uncharted territories of metal dominion.

The final track, “Inferno’s Rage,” penned by Necrophiliac, is a culmination of all that the band stands for. It’s a maelstrom of sonic fury, encapsulating the raw power and the evil essence that Hellbutcher vowed his music would emanate.

HELLBUTCHER’s self-titled debut doesn’t just carry the torch of its illustrious lineage; it soaks it in fuel and sets the night alight with its blaze. It’s a declaration of war on the mundane and a battle cry for the resurgence of metal as it was meant to be: loud, proud, and unapologetically ferocious.

In a nutshell, HELLBUTCHER is a testament to the timeless appeal of black and thrash metal, a genre-defining opus that pays homage to its roots while boldly striding forward. It’s a beacon for the next generation of metalheads, proof that the genre’s heart beats as strongly as ever. With a debut as potent as this, the band is well on its way to carving out its niche in the pantheon of metal greats.

For those eager to join this relentless journey into the heart of metal’s tempestuous sea, Hellbutcher beckons. Find your passage to this sonic inferno here.

Jorge’s Rating: 10/10.

HELLBUTCHER is a raucous, reverent, and riotous ride through the realms of metal, a beacon for what the future of the genre can, and arguably should, sound like.


Hellbutcher Track Listing:

  1. The Sword Of Wrath
  2. Perdition
  3. Violent Destruction
  4. Hordes Of The Horned God
  5. Death’s Rider
  6. Possessed By The Devil’s Flames
  7. Satan’s Power
  8. Inferno’s Rage

Hellbutcher – vocals
Necrophiliac – guitars
Devastator – drums
Eld – bass
Iron Beast – guitars

More Info:

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