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Illdisposed “In Chambers of Sonic Disgust” Album Review by Carlos Villanueva


Illdisposed, has made a roaring return with their latest album, “In Chambers of Sonic Disgust.” Known for their seamless blend of death metal’s ferocity with melodic undertones and groove elements, the band continues to evolve while staying true to their roots. This album marks their first release in five years, following “Reveal Your Soul for the Dead,” and it’s filled with the energy and speed fans have come to expect, alongside some new twists.

The album opens with “Spitting Your Pain,” a track that explodes with the signature intensity of Bo Summer‘s growled vocals. This song sets the tone for the subsequent auditory journey, symbolizing the band’s resilience and fervor after years of adversity. Its powerful riffs and persistent rhythm offer a promising start but quickly reaffirm that Illdisposedisn’t here just to rehash past glories.

“I Walk Among The Living” and “Lay Low” follow, both pieces maintaining a dark, brooding aura while injecting memorable melodic hooks. It’s clear that despite the passage of time and internal band struggles, Illdisposed has managed to harness their personal and collective turmoil, converting it into aural aggression.

One stand-out track is “The Ill-Disposed,” where Ken Holst‘s return on guitar adds layers of depth with his intricate but heavy playstyle. This song epitomizes the band’s ability to craft massive, anthemic choruses while never sacrificing their crushing weight. Meanwhile, “Flying Free” brings a surprising sense of uplift, albeit in a heavy metal context, demonstrating the band’s dynamic nature.

The midpoint of the album, marked by “Start Living Again,” ramps up the speed. This breakneck piece recalls the band’s rawer death metal origins but is tempered with groove metal’s catchy rhythms. The juxtaposition of old and new continues, showcasing a band that refuses to stagnate.

Conversely, “For Us” and “I Suffer” delve back into the darker, slower tempo that allows Onkel K. Jensen‘s basslines and Rasmus Schmidt‘s drumming to shine. Both tracks feature tightly knit compositions that expertly balance aggression and melodic serenity, making them potential fan favorites in live settings.

Another highlight is “And Of My Hate,” which bursts forth at a blistering pace, further blending melodic death metal with elements of thrash. Jakob Batten‘s and Ken Holst‘s twin guitar work here is particularly noteworthy, creating a maelstrom of sound that is both chaotic and controlled.

The album concludes with “All Electric” and “Pain Suffer Me,” which don’t quite reach the same explosive peaks as earlier tracks but maintain the album’s overall quality. They serve as a fitting end to an album filled with relentless energy, emotional depth, and precise musicianship.

While “In Chambers of Sonic Disgust” may not break significant new ground in Illdisposed‘s genre, it underscores the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft. It’s an ambitious and solid effort that exposes the raw nerves of recent band hardships and turns them into a cathartic sonic experience.

In summary, the album delivers exactly what fans would expect: a dark, heavy, and groovy metal record. It may not have revolutionary stand-out tracks, but its consistent quality across all eleven songs is admirable. Illdisposed proves they are not only survivors but thrivers, continually delivering the ferocity their fans crave while subtly evolving their sound.

Carlos’ Rating: 7.5/10


1. Spitting Your Pain
2. I Walk Among The Living
3. Lay Low
4. The Ill-Disposed
5. Flying Free
6. Start Living Again
7. For Us
8. I Suffer
9. And Of My Hate
10. All Electric
11. Pain Suffer Me

Bo Summer – Vocals 
Jakob Batten – Guitars 
Ken Holst – Guitars 
Onkel K. Jensen – Bass 
Rasmus Schmidt – Drums 

Producers: Illdisposed
Mixing/Mastering: Tue Madsen / Antfarm Studio
Synthesizer: Jonas Friis Andersen,
additional synths: Rasmus Schmidt
Cover Design: Timon Kokott Art-Work
Layout: Cobra

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