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INNER SANCTUM Unveils Lyric Video For Second Single “Era of the Idols”

Freiburg, Germany -based Death Metal act INNER SANCTUM has unleashed another intense taste of the band’s upcoming fourth album, entitled “The Great Odd Ones”, scheduled to be released on March 22nd. Following the release of the first single “Abgott Death Kult”, INNER SANCTUM follows up today with a lyric video for the album’s opening track “Era of the Idols”.

Era of the Idols is the opening track for a reason,” says the band. “Not only does it set the pace for this album, it also tells the story of the very beginnings of the Great Odd Ones’ lore. The reign of the endless sea lurks upon humankind. Agonizing, yet enticing for those who are faced with the divine atrocities. The contrast between the stampeding almost march-like guitars during the verse and the doom impending heavy chorus underlines this struggle musically.

Since their formation in 2004, INNER SANCTUM has been forging a unique path in the Death Metal scene. Combining dynamic death riffs with heavy and heroic parts, the band has created a characteristic and individual sound and with three independently released full-length albums to date and two decades of live experience, INNER SANCTUM has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

The upcoming concept album “The Great Odd Ones” delves into the eerie realm of sea gods known as “The Great Odd Ones”, weaving a narrative that explores their terrifying influence on our world. Musically it pushes the boundaries of the band’s sound, taking a turn towards a more death metal and heavy focus while skillfully retaining the distinctive roots that define their music. Drawing inspiration from non-related personal experiences encountered by the band members and delving into the realms of Lovecraftian horror fiction, this album immerses listeners in a nautical, dark, and cryptic theme. 

INNER SANCTUM album cover

01. Era of the Idols
02. Abgott Death Kult
03. Juggernautic
04. Nautopsy
05. Mesurol
06. Thalassophobia
07. Godfisher
08. Battlements of Abomination 
09. Those Who Never Sleep

Inner Sanctum are:

Nikolai “Kolai” Kahle (Vocals)

Christian “Farms” Brand (Guitar)

Eric “Yoric” Tobian (Guitar)

Johannes “Joe” Ambs (Bass)

Julian “Jay” Kleber (Drums)

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