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Intranced “Muerte y Metal” Album Review by Nolan Pearce

Intranced band

INTRANCED boldly steps into the limelight with “Muerte Y Metal,” a multifeted debut full-length that commands attention from the vibrant metal community. Comprised of seasoned musicians Fili Bibiano on guitars, Ben Richardson handling the drums, the charismatic James-Paul Luna on vocals, and Nico Staub fortifying the lineup on bass, this Los Angeles-based act embodies a sonic resurgence of traditional heavy metal infused with an undeniable Latin flair.

“Muerte Y Metal” unfolds like a metal odyssey, brimming with life’s trials and tribulations, death, fantasy, and joy. The album pledges allegiance to metal in its most passionate form – a testament to living metal by heart and heralding it till death. Their music channels the spirit of metal pioneers while injecting it with their unique essence, highlighted by their diverse backgrounds and rich cultural heritage.

Tracks like “Reyes De Las Tinieblas” and “Switchblade” serve as high-octane openers, setting an electrifying pace that seamlessly blends heavy riffs with anthemic choruses. INTRANCED showcases their ability to traverse musical landscapes, from the homage to Californian rock in “Switchblade” to the introspective and hauntingly beautiful “See You On The Other Side.” Each track is a narrative thread in the broader tapestry of “Muerte Y Metal,” weaving tales of darkness and light with the intricacy only seasoned storytellers can achieve.

While the album shines with its grandeur and musical proficiency, it’s the tracks “Fantasy” and “Lady Lightning” that epitomize the band’s thematic ambition and sonic breadth. The former is an outright banger with its tempo upshift and sing-along vibe, while the latter electrifies with speed metal excellence, painting a vivid picture of its titular character with every note.

However, the album is not without its moments of overambition. At times, INTRANCED‘s quest to meld diverse influences and pack an array of styles into the album feels overwhelming. Tracks such as “I Dunno Nothin” meander slightly, hinting at the band’s adventurous side but sometimes straying from the cohesive punch the rest of the album delivers so effectively.

Moreover, the ballad “See You On The Other Side” showcases the band’s versatility and capability to craft sonic nostalgia reminiscent of the metal ballads era, balancing on the fine line between heartfelt homage and derivative predictability. It’s a delicate act, straddling the past and present, which INTRANCED manage more often than not effectively.

INTRANCED‘s debut entrances with its ambitious scope and undeniable talent, heralding a band unafraid to honor its roots while reaching for new creative heights. The vibrant energy of “Muerte Y Metal” is palpable, a beacon for traditional heavy metal fans and newcomers alike. Yet, it’s in their refinement and potential where the promise of INTRANCED truly lies, suggesting even greater achievements in their future undertakings.

Rating: 7.5/10. “Muerte Y Metal” by INTRANCED is a celebratory fusion of heavy metal’s past and present, with enough flair and ambition to carve out its distinctive mark in the metal pantheon, despite occasionally succumbing to its sprawling aspirations.

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01 Reyes De Las Tinieblas
02 Switchblade
03 Fantasy
04 I Dunno Nothin’
05 Muerte Y Metal
06 Entra La Tormenta
07 Lady Lightning
08 Intranced – Pulse
09 Passionate Pretender
10 See You on the Other Side

James-Paul Luna – vocals
Fili Bibiano – guitars / keyboards
Nico Staub – bass
Ben Richardson – drums



Photo: @babyluna

Wardrobe & Photo Assistance: @lajennyluna

Photo Editing: @megwachterphoto 

Cover Concept: @thepitforge

Cover Design: @taylorbourquedesigns

Art by @desert_dungeon

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