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Italy-based Post-Punk duo DRAMA EMPEROR is back with”Eden’s Gardens” EP


Italy-based Post-Punk duo DRAMA EMPEROR is making waves once again with the release of their “Eden’s Gardens” EP. This collection includes two brand new tracks, their 2020 stand-alone single “The Ghost In You,” and two remixes by esteemed musicians Guido Möbius and Soft Riot’s Jack Duckworth. This EP serves as a reminder of DRAMA EMPEROR’s unique fusion of Electro Indie Rock and Darkwave, offering a taste of their upcoming material.

Formed in 2009 by Michele Caserta and Cristiano Ballarini, both hailing from Italy, DRAMA EMPEROR boasts a distinctive clash of lifestyles that fuels their eclectic musical style. Their music is a blend of Electro Indie Rock, Post-Punk, and Darkwave, forming the core of their diverse compositions. From their self-titled EP in 2010 to their 2016 sophomore album “All Of These Days,” they have consistently pushed boundaries and experimented with their sound. Their latest offering, the 2023 EP “Eden’s Gardens,” features remixes by Soft Riot and Guido Möbius, along with previously unreleased tracks, including the title track accompanied by a visually stunning video directed by Francesco Pirro (Celery Price, Baciamibartali). The EP also welcomes a special guest, Fabrizio Baioni (Leda, Pierpaolo Capovilla E I Cattivi Maestri), on drums.

DRAMA EMPEROR’s live performances are a testament to their versatility, with both musicians handling electronic instruments, vocals, guitars, and occasional surprises like trumpets and percussions. Their live shows have featured theatrical mime performances by actor Simone Levantesi, and they’ve graced stages in Switzerland, Poland, and across Italy, sharing the limelight with artists such as Leeroy Thornhill and Christian Death.

Critics have praised DRAMA EMPEROR for their distinctive sound, drawing comparisons to iconic bands like Joy Division, P.I.L., Bauhaus, and Primal Scream. Their music combines post-punk, cold wave, and indie rock influences, infused with neo-apocalyptic elements and anthemic lyrics in multiple languages.

As Tommaso Fantoni from ROCKAMBULA aptly puts it, “Try to pause and reflect about those striking neon notes and those lyrics, painted with a crazy and insane critical lucidity.”

In the words of Stefano Solventi of SENTIREASCOLTARE, “A touch of Joy Division, a little bit of P.I.L. and Bauhaus, Primal Scream particles plus a feverish flair à la Grand Guignol.”

And according to Aldo Chimenti from ROCKERILLA, “They express their own musical identity, incarnating a whole background of instances and aesthetic movements which alternate post-punk, cold wave, and indie rock premises to inoculate them with neo-apocalyptic flavours and anthemic registers sung in three different languages.”

Don’t miss out on DRAMA EMPEROR’s captivating musical journey with the “Eden’s Gardens” EP, a fusion of Post-Punk and Darkwave.

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  1. Eden’s Gardens
  2. Pulse
  3. The Ghost In You
  4. Awake – Soft Riot RMX
  5. The Final Song – Guido Möbius RMX


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