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Jacknife Powerbombs Releases 2nd Album, Mors Certa, Vita Incerta

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The Cleveland-based Jacknife Powerbombs is set to release their second album, Mors Certa, Vita Incerta, on November 10, 2023. Some two decades in the making, the highly-anticipated sophomore release delivers a potent batch of stage-ready anthems sure to please fans, new and old.

Jacknife Powerbombs made their mark on the Cleveland punk scene in 2004 with the release of their debut, Set to Go. A critical and commercial success, the album’s ‘Black Flag-meets-Suicidal Tendencies’ metal-tinged punk-rock sound immediately struck a chord with the stage-diving masses. Playing with the likes of the legendary Gorilla Biscuits and Suicide Machines, the band’s ‘anywhere and often’ ethos earned the Jacknife Powerbombs a loyal following.

While ‘grown-up’ responsibilities eventually placed the band on ‘part-time’ status, talks of a follow-up persisted. True to form, the Jacknife Powerbombs opted for an in-house, DIY approach when it came to their long-awaited return. Produced and mixed by drummer Doug Nickoson, Mors Certa, Vita Incerta fully captures the band’s sound, offering longtime fans the best sonic representation of Jacknife Powerbombs to date.

“Mors Certa, Vita Incerta is the sonic culmination of songs forged at one sweaty live performance after another on stages and in basements across the Midwest. Every ounce of passion from five individuals committed to each other for over 20 years was poured into every aspect of this our sophomore effort.” – Caesar Bolero 

You can stream the whole album here:

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