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JAG PANZER – Releases limited vinyl editions of “The Fourth Judgment,” “Thane To The Throne,” and “Mechanized Warfare.”

Good things take time: Announced in late November, US heavy metal veterans JAG PANZER‘s calatogue releases »The Fourth Judgement« [1997], »Thane To The Throne« [2000] and »Mechanized Warfare« [2001] — including full dynamic range mastering treatment by Bart Gabriel — are now available on limited coloured 180-gram vinyl. »Thane To The Throne« has additionally been upgraded by exlusive new artwork by Dusan Markovic (»The Hallowed«).

Vocalist Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin recalls: “»The Fourth Judgement« was a joyous return to my brothers. The birth of the now highly recognized ‘Black’ and ‘Tyranny.’ Who knew »Mechanized Warfare« would resound so triumphantly in the ears of many? We were just putting our souls out there. »Thane To The Throne« was a lot of hard work that paid off in the end. Something that has infinite possibilities still to this day.”

Guitarist Mark Briody adds: “I am very excited that these records are finally available. The label did a fantastic job with our latest studio album and I’m very happy that some of our classic catalogues have received the same treatment now.”


What came into being in 1981 in Colorado Springs has lost nothing of its rebellion and power, not even over four decades later. Being inspired by the onslaught of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Mark Briody and his comrades quickly became one of the most intriguing US power metal acts, releasing some successful studio albums, including their 1984 debut album »Ample Destruction,« »The Fourth Judgement« (1997), »Thane To The Throne«(2000), »The Scourge Of The Light« (2011) and their latest effort, »The Deviant Chord« (2017). After facing several line-up changes and a hiatus, JAG PANZER are still holding sway as their new album »The Hallowed« proves.

JAG PANZER Album Cover

Harry Conklin | vocals
Mark Briody | guitars
Ken Rodarte | guitars
John Tetley | bass
Rikard Stjernquist | drums

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