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Jagged Doctrine Returns: Industrial Metal Revival with Dale Thompson & Sydney Rentz

Jagged Doctrine

Jagged Doctrine’s journey began several years ago, originating from the fusion of Industrial Metal, thanks to Rod Middleton’s remarkable guitar skills and Gary Baker’s electronic expertise. Right from the start, this dynamic duo achieved ongoing success, which included, but was not limited to, licensing tracks for MTV, garnering recognition on Rolling Stone Magazine’s website, and even composing a soundtrack for a book series by the New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker.

After a hiatus lasting nearly a decade, they are now making a triumphant return with what might be their most intricate and outstanding collaborative work to date. This project features the powerful vocals and distinctive screams of Dale Thompson, a Dove Award-winning singer from the renowned band BRIDE. Additionally, it boasts a very special guest appearance by Sydney Rentz from Morella’s Forest, who lends her vocal talents to the track ‘Liquid Sky.’ Their debut album, ‘Eve Of Destruction,’ promises to delight the ears of music enthusiasts seeking a harder, well-crafted style, complete with heavy guitars, cutting-edge musicality, and top-notch production values.

jagged doctrine

Track list:

01 Die Again 3:20
02 Deleterious 3:49
03 Eve of Destruction 4:14
04 Breathe Your Name 3:43
05 Liquid Sky 3:56
06 Dream Tonight 4:55
07 This is My Destiny 4:28
08 Love Song for Anger 3:18
09 Absolution 4:30
10 To the Beginning 3:49

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