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JD MILLER: new album “Empyrean” to drop in May.

JD MILLER Band Members

The wait is over. JD MILLER is finally ready to release its fourth studio album, titled “Empyrean”. After hitting the airwaves with singles such as “Inside the Night”, “Enemy” and “Out Of Control”, the stakes are high for the Swedish four-piece. But, then again, JD Miller has always been on top of their game – and it’s no different in “Empyrean”. In fact, quite the contrary. 

With guitar player Tommy Timonen (ex-State Of Drama) back in the lineup and Jonny Trobro (Hydra, Find Me, ex-First Signal) as a permanent new bassist, the foursome from Borås spread their sound, to a heavier sound scope (just listening to the opening track “The Butterfly” and you’ll get a view of the heaviest JD Miller ever), but also more accessible, modern tracks such as “Out Of Control” or “Alive”. 

“Empyrean” is a ride that totally justifies the ”Heaviest AOR around” proclamation done by Sweden Rock Magazine, with a twist. JD Miller is now a mature band, keeping however the fresh approach to composition and lyrics. “The songs and album focuses on a story about the complex minds of people considered to be at the wrong side of the law in the universe”, the band states. “The story is accompanied by the music we love in JD Miller, drawing influences from hard rock, metal, AOR and anything that’s get’s us going melodically”. 

The album was mixed and mastered by Mikael Andersson at MRG Production/Studio Soundport, in Sweden, to give it the extra punchy sound that the melodies require, making “Empyrean” the dark horse of 2024, no matter what angle you look at it: hard rock, metal, AOR or whatever. 

JD MILLER Album Cover

“Empyrean” tracklist:

  1. Prelude Of the Empyrean
  2. The Butterfly
  3. Inside the Night
  4. Out of Control
  5. I’ll Never Give Up
  6. Awake (We Are the Machines)
  7. One In a Million
  8. Call the Police
  9. Enemy
  10. Alive

Peter Halldén – lead vocals, backing vocals 
Emil Eriksson – guitar, keyboards, drums 
Tommy Timonen – guitar
Jonny Trobro – bass guitar

Confirmed live dates: 
08.05 – Presswerk, Arbon, Switzerland (private show) 
11.05 – Nordic Noise Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark 
29.07 – Malmö Melodic festival, Malmö 
21.09 – TBA, Switzerland 

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