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JUSTICE THEORY release a new dark and atmospheric single.

Justice Theory Band Members

Finnish melodic metal band Justice Theory have released a new single “Let It Die Tonight“. A music video for the song has been produced by Karma Media’s Teemu Myöhänen. The music video is Justice Theory‘s first music video in six years.

The new single “Let It Die Tonight” originated in the fall of 2022. Guitarist and singer Valtteri Saharinen tells about the song:

“This song is one of those that writes itself. It flowed out effortlessly in one go, and there was an immediate sense of magic. Unlike usual, the basic idea for the song this time came from the rhythm of the rhythm guitar. On top of that, a captivating amorphis-style melody effortlessly emerged, audible in the mind from the first beat. “Let It Die Tonight” is a prime example of letting the “flow” take over and trusting what comes from the heart—letting everything come out.

The song had a dark atmosphere, reminiscent of our earlier track “Fade Into The Night.” Starting from this initial setting, I decided to draw lyrics from the same mood. During that time in my personal life, I was in a phase of dealing with letting go—losing something very dear to oneself. I began to express my thoughts on paper about what it feels like when you realize you’re standing at a crossroads and you just have to let go, even though it hurts like hell.

The words are straightforward; I didn’t write them necessarily to offer comfort or provide answers to life’s big questions. This lyric is just one man’s thoughts on what it feels like to let go when it’s necessary, and there’s no turning back. I believe among you listeners, some have felt the same way, perhaps even worse. You know what I’m talking about. And for those of you who haven’t yet experienced the feeling of letting go, I want to say, cherish and appreciate what you have. Tomorrow, that moment could change and become the last.”

Justice Theory Album Covers

Justice Theory:
Valtteri Saharinen: Vocals, guitar
Taneli Ahonen: Guitar
Riku Lehto: Bass
Juuso Liukkonen: Drums

More Info:

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