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Kaipa “Sommargryningsljus” Album Review by Nolan Pearce


Kaipa’s newest release, ‘Sommargryningsljus‘, stands as a vibrant testament to their enduring prowess in the progressive rock realm. This album marks their 15th studio album, following the well-received ‘Urskog‘ from 2022, and illustrates how the band, even after over half a century, continues to innovate while staying true to their roots. The time spent honing their craft between albums is clearly evident, resulting in a mesmerizing listening experience.

Opening with the gentle strains of the title track ‘Sommarskymningsljus‘, Aleena Gibson’s ethereal vocals weave effortlessly through Hans Lundin’s evocative melodies. The song sets the tone for an album that is as introspective as it is expansive.

‘Seven Birds’, an epic journey in its own right, builds layers of sound that crescendo into an impressive display of musical synergy, highlighted by a dynamic keyboard segment and an electrifying guitar solo from Per Nilsson. The symbiotic play between Per and Hans is a recurring joy, encapsulating the essence of Kaipa’s sound.

The rhythm section shines particularly bright on ‘Like Thousand Dawns’, where Jonas Reingold’s bass work provides a rich, textured foundation that supports Aleena’s powerful, soaring vocals. The song navigates through intricate passages, showcasing the remarkable talent within the band. Per Nilsson’s guitar work, coupled with Jonas’s impressive bass lines, crafts a sonic landscape that is both complex and accessible.

With six of the album’s tracks clocking in at over nine minutes, ‘Sommargryningsljus‘ demands deep engagement from its listeners. However, the investment is rewarding, as each piece unfolds with extended musical passages. The inclusion of Elin Rubinsztein’s expressive violin and Fredrik Lindqvist’s recorders and whistles further enriches the album’s texture, adding layers of poignancy and depth.

‘Chased by Wolves and Burned by the Sun’ stands as another cornerstone track, marked by its dynamic interplay and robust violin sections that evoke a slight nostalgic hint of Kansas. Driven by Jonas’s muscular bass lines and Per’sinsistent riffs, this track is a masterclass in musical evolution and cohesion—utterly engrossing from start to finish, dynamically engaging the listener through contrast and resolution.

‘Spiderweb Train’, originating in the 1990s, has been meticulously reworked to fit within the modern context of Kaipa’sevolving sound. Spanning over fifteen minutes, this track offers ample space for improvisation and exploration, featuring an almost Gothic undertone in places. It’s a sprawling journey through different musical landscapes, making it one of the album’s most compelling pieces.

The album’s journey peaks before concluding with ‘Songs in Our Hands’, a nearly thirteen-minute track featuring impactful vocals from both Patrick Lindqvist and Aleena Gibson, complemented by Hans Lundin’s spellbinding synth lines. The closing title track ‘Sommargryningsljus‘ brings the album full circle, allowing listeners to absorb the entire thematic and musical vision.

In ‘Sommargryningsljus‘, Kaipa takes us on a narrative journey through dusk to dawn, representing twilight and dawn respectively, echoing themes of life cycles and renewal. The careful curation of track order and thematic coherence make this album not just a collection of songs but a singular, cohesive experience. The album’s artwork accentuates this theme, enhancing the immersive journey.

With ‘Sommargryningsljus‘, Kaipa solidifies their position as stalwarts of symphonic progressive rock, delivering an album that is lush, intricate, and deeply satisfying. It is a powerful reminder of their enduring relevance and an album that both long-time fans and newcomers will find much to enjoy.

Nolan’s Rating: 10/10 — Order your copy: 

Kaipa scaled

Sommarskymningsljus 00:01:30
Seven Birds 00:09:50
Like Thousand Dawns 00:11:08
Revelationview 00:09:28
Chased by Wolves And Burned by The Sun 00:10:17
Spiderweb Train 00:15:29
Songs In Our Hands 00:13:00
Sommargryningsljus 00:03:58
Sommargryningsljus (Single Edit) 00:05:24

Kaipa are:

Hans Lundin – keyboards & vocals
Per Nilsson – electric & acoustic guitars
Jonas Reingold – bass
Darby Todd – drums
Patrik Lundström – vocals
Aleena Gibson – vocals 

Special Guests:
Elin Rubinsztein – violin
Fredrik Lindqvist – recorders & whistles
Olof Åslund – saxophone

KAIPA online:

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