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Kittie “Fire” Album review by Jorge Pozo

KITTIE Band member

I have to be honest, “Fire” is my first exposure to Kittie, and I am left wondering how I missed out on such a powerhouse band for this long. With their latest album “Fire” marking their return after a 13-year hiatus, it is now clear that I need to dive into their previous work and catch up on what I’ve been missing.

The album opens with the explosive title track “Fire”, which immediately pulls you into its intense and captivating energy. Morgan Lander’s vocal prowess is truly remarkable; her raspy growls and haunting clean melodies weave together seamlessly. It’s not just her voice that stands out, but also her guitar work, backed expertly by the aggressive and precise riffs from Tara McLeod. The rhythm section, with Mercedes Lander on drums and Ivy Vujic on bass, locks everything into a tight, cohesive unit that makes the album incredibly compelling from start to finish.

Tracks like “I Still Wear This Crown” and “Vultures” are brutal in their execution. Morgan’s declaration of resilience in “I Still Wear This Crown” resonates deeply, and “Vultures” rides on a riff so powerful it could knock you off your feet. The heavier moments are balanced with melodic interludes, as seen in “Falter”, where the band channels their 2007 album “Funeral For Yesterday”, blending melody and aggression to fantastic effect.

The production by Nick Raskulinecz (known for his work with RushFoo Fighters, and Alice In Chains) is another highlight of the album. His ability to capture the raw energy and complex nuances makes this album shine. Each track feels meticulously crafted, from the melodic rock anthem “One Foot In The Grave” to the cataclysmic closer “Eyes Wide Open”, which leaves listeners simultaneously satisfied and hungry for more.

While the album is decidedly aggressive, it never sacrifices cohesiveness for chaos. Each song flows naturally into the next, giving “Fire” a unified feel that’s difficult to achieve in a genre known for its intensity. There are no missteps here. Even the quieter moments serve to amplify the heavier segments, creating a perfect balance of light and shade. The album’s dynamics keep you engaged throughout, showcasing Kittie’s growth while honoring their distinctive sound.

“Fire” is a stunning comeback for Kittie. This album proves that they haven’t just returned—they’ve evolved into a more powerful and polished version of themselves. It’s a masterclass in blending heaviness and melody, aggression and nuance. For fans new and old, “Fire” is a reminder of why Kittie remains an influential force in metal.

Jorge’s Rating: 9/10

“Fire” will be released via Sumerian Records on 21st June 2024



  1. Fire
  2. I Still Wear This Crown
  3. Falter
  4. Vultures
  5. We Are Shadows
  6. Wound
  7. One Foot in the Grave
  8. Are You Entertained?
  9. Grime
  10. Eyes Wide Open

Kittie are:
Morgan Lander (vox/guitar)
Mercedes Lander (drums/backing vox)
Tara McLeod (guitar)
Ivy Vujic (bass)

Official Website | Facebook | X (Twitter) | YouTube Channel

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