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LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE Commemorates Three Decades with Fresh Single “Breathing Souls”

Lacrimas Profundere

To commemorate their 30-year journey as a band, Lacrimas Profundere unveils a brand-new composition titled “Breathing Souls.” In a world currently grappling with environmental crises and rampant exploitation, the song’s themes sadly resonate more than ever.

Initially, when Olly first composed the instrumental version of the track, the band decided to set it aside, feeling that their vocal and lyrical approach didn’t quite align with the music. However, upon revisiting the piece with a fresh perspective, Olly enlisted the talents of his friends Chris Harms (from Lord of the Lost) and Tobias Schönemann (from The Vision Bleak) to infuse the song with their unique insights and expertise.

The result is this gloomy melodic piece of music, or to say it in the words of producer Kohle Kohlmannslehner“This is probably the saddest melody I have ever heard”. What greater compliment can you give to a dark metal band?!

To conclude with the words from the pen of Chris Harms in the chorus: “Relieve the hurtfrom Mother Earth… from Mother Earth”!

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