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LARK Release New Official Music Video For “Mesmerize Me”.

LARK Band members

Polish heavy rock group Lark have released their new official video for the track Mesmerize Me which is taken from their 2023 (released via Sliptrick Records) album Antarctica.

The group had this to say about the track; “Lark’s new song, Mesmerize Me, is about not giving thoughtlessly into anyone’s manipulations, always having your own opinion, fighting for yourself and your rights. Have a good time!”

What’s for sure is that Antarctica, from Polish heavy rock group Lark, is not a concept album, although its title song refers to the real story about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition, which happened over than 100 years ago. That’s why the album cover includes the short introduction to the story and the basic details of it, to allow the listener to capture the atmosphere of the song and the message. The lyric was written by the band friend and poet, Miroslaw “Eric” Sulkowski. Apart from this lyric, he wrote Time To Time for the band and also worked as the consultant with few other lyrics. Furthermore, Down My Spine was written by another band friend Adrian Bogacz, while the other ones were written by the band singer Marcin Gadek.

It seems hard to point out any songs that stand out in any special way since they really differ from each other. It mainly comes from the fact that all the band members are very different in their inspirations, which allows them to combine different views, that’s why all the songs are a collective work.

What gels the album is the production and arrangement by Leszek Luszcz, who recorded, mixed and mastered it at his 07 Studio. Leszek turned out to be the fifth and missing element of the band to make it complete, he brought a lot of new and fresh ideas, while his work and commitment moved the music to the higher level.

Antarctica is Lark’s debut album released via Sliptrick Records. The band call their style heavy rock leaving the listeners free in their opinions if it’s only rock or rather heavy or just heavy rock. Time will tell how people hear their music …for this is Lark.


  1. Mesmerize Me
  2. Antarctica
  3. Moment Traveller
  4. Under A Cloud
  5. If Always Cloudless Was The Sky
  6. In Whose Name
  7. Down My Spine
  8. The Hourglass
  9. Time To Time
  10. Deep In The Desert

Lark are:
Marcin Gądek – Vocals
Tomasz Boruch – Guitar
Mariusz Budzik – Bass
Wojciech Pasek – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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