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LATTER REIGN to bring you their third full length release entitled ‘Order To Chaos’


While Latter Reign was still recording “Latter Reign II” the band had an opportunity to record at another studio. With the direction of Wes Colony and Larry Bolen, the band would decide to embark on another album and started writing and arranging songs with a fresher sound and attitude. After a few weeks of pre-production, the band booked the sessions and started recording with another music legend in the industry, Dino Maddalone. Dino had just finished recording and producing Christian recording artist, P.K. Mitchell at the time. Nathan Post, who really believed in Latter Reign, made a substantial investment at the time to get the band started. Latter Reign had renewed hopes for a record deal, and about 10 new, “edgier” songs ready to record! Like many bands during the grunge wave, they scrambled to make their sound more relevant, and things were moving fast. What they ended up with was quite a bit heavier on some songs, a little experimental on others, while striving to conserve melody and their strong songwriting abilities.

As with Latter Reign II, the band could not allow this 30 year old project to remain in their vaults any longer. The band pulled it out remastered it, recorded one more brand new song to be released as a part of this brand new refreshed and restored release entitled ‘Order To Chaos’. For this new track, the band dug deep, and tried to recapture the spirit of what they had done 30 years prior with this the title track of this brand new release, “Order to Chaos”.

Lead Guitarist Brad Smith of Latter Reign had this to say about the new release. “We were recapturing a vibe from 30 years ago that’s a lot easier said than done, but we’ll let the listener decide. We may have just stumbled upon what a new Latter Reign record might sound like… at any rate, we feel like we have a complete album now, since we really like the title track idea with “Live for the Day”, “Latter Reign II”, and now “Order to Chaos”. We hope you enjoy it too.”

The third and final album in this trilogy is finally coming to fruition, featuring the vocal talents of Grammy award nominated Luis Cardenas (Renegade). Also featuring amazing new cover art, layout and design by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal Graphics. Let’s check out the brand new and title track ‘Order To Chaos’ as we get ready to release this amazing new album to the masses.


1 Chill – 5:00
2 Change – 3:10
3 Had A Dream – 4:11
4 R U – 4:15
5 Throw Me A Line (Worm) – 3:49
6 In My Life – 3:47
7 S.O.T. – 4:40
8 Order To Chaos – 5:39
9 Try Again – 4:44
10 Otra Vez (Try Again En Espanol) – 4:45


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