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Livgone release their new single and video “Watching Them Feel”

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Embark on a haunting journey within Livgone’s atmospheric monument “Almost There”. Releasing their debut album under the wings of Svart RecordsLivgone emerges as a newly kindled flame of emotional Doom metal. Within their sonic web, Livgone transcends the traditional bounds of heavy music, weaving monumental Doom with instrumental ecstasies, drawing parallels to bands like Messa and Godspeed You Black Emperor.

With Elise Aranguren’s beautifully anguished and goosebump inducing voice, cloaked in earthy heaps of heavy riff gloom, Livgone are defiantly unafraid to show their feelings. Casting off the shackles of genre confinement, “Almost There” is at once familiar and excitingly, fresh, raw, and new at the same time.

Born from the depths of personal turmoil during the Pandemic, Livgone emerged as an artistic catharsis. The project, initially a refuge for unspoken emotions, evolved into a collaboration with Elise, Emil Svensson and Michal Kielbasa, fusing their past experiences in the contrasting realm of Black Metal into an expansive and boundary pushing work of art. Livgone‘s music, penned from 2020 to 2022 and using automatic writing, lays bare the rawest emotions of the artist’s battle with anorexia nervosa.

“Almost There” is more than an album; it’s a chronicle of the darkest episode in Livgone‘s life. This musical diary captures the emptiness, physical weakness, and the emotional void experienced during a battle with a disorder. The melodies mirror the wandering soul and the storms within, with no room for hope. From start to finish, the album is a descent into the depths of the soul, a visceral journey toward the inevitability of “there.”

Echoing with profound introspection, Livgone‘s lyrical narrative is encapsulated in quotes like “I can see you already are watching a cadaver” and “Feeling nothing is better than absorbing acts of violence.” “Almost There” is not just experimental; it’s an intimate revelation that took courage to share. Livgone are an audible punch against the stronghold of disorder.

Immerse yourself in Livgone‘s sonic odyssey, where every note resonates with the echoes of survival and the pursuit of recovery. For fans of Emma Ruth Rundle, Russian Circles, and This Will Destroy YouLivgone beckons you to explore the shadows and find solace in the haunting beauty of “Almost There.”

Atmospheric heavy dark rock act Livgone embraces the catharsis process and stands up as a light in the dark against the domination of disorders with their new single “Watching Them Feel”.

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“Almost There” will be released by Svart Records on 22.3.2024.

Livgone: Silverstone (the first digital single)

22.3. Livgone: Almost There CD/LP (pre-order)

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