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LOST ZONE Reveals New Album Details & Music Video For Latest Single “Can’t keep running (feat. Dystropia).

LOST ZONE Band Members

Following the release of Resilience – Full Circle, the latest CD edition featuring nine exclusive acoustic versions and eleven powerful tracks by rock trio LOST ZONE, today, the band has announced new details about their forthcoming studio album entitled “Ordinary Misery”! The band’s sophomore offering is scheduled for a release on April 5, 2024 via Drakkar Entertainment.

With “Fighting Demons”, LOST ZONE presented a first track taken off their upcoming album by the end of last year, a new single, “Can’t keep running” featuring South Tyrolean producer Dystropia. Heavy guitar riffage meets hardstyle kicks, catchy vocals and memorable synth melodies, their new single emphazises the band’s modern and electronic vibes. About the track, LOST ZONE singer and guitarist Florian reveals ““Can’t keep running” is for all of those who want to go their own way. It serves as a motivation to pursue our goals and not to lose sight of them. We should face our fears and problems and thus, get them out of the way.”

Ever since LOST ZONE debuted with their first EP, followed by Resilience in March 2022, the band quickly took the rock scene by storm band with a musical blend that has never been an easy task as they include influences from rock, core but also pop elements into their sound. Balancing between brutal, mean riffs and heavy beats, heartfelt ballads, a cover of Linkin Park’s In The End (with more than a half milion views to date), between alternative rock, metal core to almost covering the musical spectrum in its entirety, subtle similarities to Bring Me The Horizon, 30 Seconds To Mars and Linkin Park could be noticed. As Florian once said: „It’s impossible to fully hide our influences, but we do our very own thing.“ This is underlined by the fact that the Italian three-piece entirely writes, records and produces their music themselves and in their own studio, the Lost Zone Productions, that they built in 2017. Their upcoming, sophomore studio offering “Ordinary Misery” will make no exception, while even doubling-down all expectations! 

LOST ZONE Album Covers


1. Fighting Demons                    
2. Shadow of my Memory                
3. All Again (feat. Philip From Fall to Spring)    
4. Can’t keep running (feat. Dystropia)        
5. Devil in Disguise                    
6. You’re the one                    
7. Out of my mind                    
8. Voices (LZ Version)                    
9. Hold me Tight                    
10. Foreshadowing (feat. Bluthund)            
11. Where will this end?                    
12. Nothing but a Dream


Florian (vocals, guitar)
Simon (drums)
Andre (bass, vocals)

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