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Lucassen & Soeterboek’s Plan Nine “The Long-Lost Songs” Album review by Brett Olsen

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The Long-Lost SongsArjen Lucassen and Robert Soeterboek revive a collection of gems that illuminate their rich collaborative history, presenting a fascinating showcase of rock’s dynamic versatility. It’s evident from the onset that this album is a labor of love—every chord, riff, and melody exudes a warmth and sincerity that’s increasingly rare in today’s musical landscape.

Opening with the track “Doctor Robert’s Medicine Show”, listeners are immediately plunged into an electric experience, backed by Mike Mills‘ familiar vocal harmonies. The song sets a high bar with its engaging guitar riffs and rhythmic dynamism, presenting Soeterboek‘s vocals in a light that commands attention. His voice carries a distinctive power and finesse, reminiscent of the golden era of rock, yet distinctly unique.

As the album unfolds, tracks like “The Preacher” and “Annie Moore” display a rare blend of storytelling and musical excellence. “Annie Moore”, especially, captivates with its lyrical ingenuity and the seamless incorporation of various musical styles, making it a standout piece within the collection. What’s more entrancing about this album is its ability to navigate through different moods and genres with ease. “Get Down to Bizniz”and “High Speed Chase” are testament to this, each offering a refreshing burst of energy and a nod to classic rock anthems.

“Ice on Fire” introduces an ’80s synth-rock flair, serving as a pleasant detour within the album’s rock domain. This track, alongside “Drunker than Whiskey”, showcases Lucassen’s ability to create vibrant, multi-layered compositions that are both innovative and deeply resonant with classic rock vibes. The latter commands a danceable groove that makes it impossible not to move along with its rhythm.

The closing track, “Die with Your Shades On”, is a brilliant capstone to the album, combining the thematic elements and musical motifs explored throughout The Long-Lost Songs. It’s a song that encapsulates the essence of the project: a celebration of enduring musical craftsmanship and the unbreakable bond between two masterful artists.

What sets The Long-Lost Songs apart is not just the technical skill evident in each track, but the palpable joy and passion for music that Lucassen and Soeterboek share. Their collaboration is a beacon of artistic integrity, pushing boundaries while paying homage to the roots of rock music.

The additional disc of bonus tracks and demos offers an insightful peek into the creative process, making it a must-have for aficionados of Lucassen’s oeuvre. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of raw, heartfelt music-making.

The Long-Lost Songs earns a solid 9/10. It’s a compelling journey through time, styles, and the unadulterated pleasure of music. It poses a refreshing reminder of the magic that happens when artists of such calibre and shared history come together. Intriguingly, one wonders what further treasures lie in the vault of Lucassen and Soeterboek‘s partnership. Will this album inspire them to unearth more lost songs, or will it spark new collaborations? Either way, the listeners are the ultimate winners.

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Track listing:
01 Doctor Robert’s Medicine Show
02 The Preacher
03 Annie Moore
04 Get Down To Bizniz
05 Before The Morning Comes
06 High Speed Chase
07 Let It Ride
08 Ice On Fire
09 Long Cold Night
10 Drunker Than Whiskey
11 Die With Your Shades On

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