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LUTHARO unleash their latest single and music video, ‘Born To Ride.’


Canadian heavy metal sensations LUTHARO are revving up the excitement as they unleash their latest single and music video, ‘Born To Ride.’ Known for their electrifying sound and dynamic performances, LUTHARO are taking their fans on a wild and hilarious ride with their new video, featuring an epic go-kart race between the band members.

“We are super excited to announce the release of our killer new single ‘Born To Ride’!” the band share. “This song is contagiously catchy and exploding with feel good energy from start to end! It’s more on the cheerful side than our previous releases but still kicks SO much ass!”

LUTHARO‘s ‘Born To Ride’ music video is a rollercoaster of laughs, adrenaline, and pure rock ‘n’ roll energy. Filmed with a lighthearted spirit, the video showcases the band’s incredible chemistry both on and off the stage. Set against the backdrop of a thrilling go-kart race, it’s a heart-pounding, side-splitting adventure that will have fans on the edge of their seats.

Lutharo artwork


Eastern Canada 2023

19.10.2023 CA Ottawa (Nepean), ON – The Brass Monkey *SOLD OUT*
20.10.2023 CA Toronto, ON – The Phoenix Concert Theatre [TICKETS*LOW TICKETS*
21.10.2023 CA Montréal, QC – Le Studio TD [TICKETS]
22.10.2023 CA Québec City, QC – Impérial Bell [TICKETS]

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Krista Shipperbottom | lead vocals
Victor Bucur | guitars, backing vocals
Chris Pacey | bass
Cory Hofing | drums
Jeff Wilson | guitars (live)

LUTHARO online:

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