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Lynch Mob Unveils Upcoming Album “Babylon” and Releases Music Video for Debut Single ‘Time After Time’

Lynch Mob in concert

Photo by: Joel Barrios

Lynch Mob is gearing up for the upcoming launch of their latest studio album titled “Babylon,” scheduled to hit the music scene on October 20th through Frontiers Music SRL.

For this fresh addition to the Lynch Mob discography, the distinguished guitarist and founder of the band, George Lynch (also associated with The End Machine, The Banishment, and known for his time with ex-Dokken), is joined by a lineup featuring vocalist Gabriel Colón, bassist Jaron Gulino (previously from Tantric and Heavens Edge), and drummer Jimmy D’Anda (formerly of Bulletboys).

Be sure to check out the music video for their debut single “Time After Time.”

The album is available for pre-order HERE.

“There’s been so many iterations of Lynch Mob since the first line-up in 1989 of Oni LoganMick BrownAnthony Esposito, and myself. Putting Lynch Mob together was just an extension of what I’d always strived for in a band: the best possible musicians, chemistry, and brotherhood. My bands have not only been my best friends, but also family. When we come up together and work hard and struggle together, we create a bond that lasts a lifetime. I think that’s the thing I love the most about my musical journey…creating music in the studio, stepping on stage, and sharing that bond with my friends through music. Thank you to everyone who has been in my band. I really feel it’s ours”, says Lynch.

Hailing from New Jersey, Jaron Gulino injects the vibrant attitude and energy of the East Coast into Lynch Mob. His extensive musical journey includes serving as the bassist in various bands, with notable prominence in the post-grunge rock outfit Tantric. Gulino’s musical prowess played a pivotal role in Tantric’s chart-topping successes and marked his participation in several high-profile tours and events with various other acts. Additionally, he presently holds the position of bassist for Philadelphia’s hard rock group, Heavens Edge.

Teaming up with him in the rhythmic foundation of the band is none other than the original drummer of Bulletboys, Jimmy D’Anda. Known for his remarkable groove skills and his ability to infuse the potent hard rock essence, D’Anda perfectly complements Lynch Mob’s sound.

Lynch Mob Babylon.jpg

Gabriel Colón emerges as a Puerto Rican vocalist who embarked on his musical voyage as part of the band Fast Taker. Since then, he has consistently displayed his expansive vocal prowess by collaborating with numerous rock ensembles, including Gothic Knights, Culprit, White Wizzard, and Rowan Robertson. Gabriel stands as a genuine talent, seamlessly fitting into the shoes of his immensely skilled predecessors within Lynch Mob.

The inception of Lynch Mob dates back to 1989, following George Lynch’s departure from his former outfit, Dokken. The band’s inaugural release, ‘Wicked Sensation,’ garnered both critical acclaim and fervent fan support, achieving RIAA-certified gold sales. Across the years, the band maintained its momentum with a roster of accomplished musicians joining Lynch on their musical expedition, resulting in six more studio albums. ‘Babylon’ marks Lynch Mob’s eighth studio album in total and their first release since ‘The Brotherhood’ in 2017.

Be sure not to overlook the chance to catch Lynch Mob during their Fall tour, which includes a virtual appearance on Talk Shop Live scheduled for October 18th. Additionally, they have a special “Record Release Party” show lined up at the iconic Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood on October 25th. Further details about their upcoming live performances are listed below.

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