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MARS RED SKY: new album details and video out now


Doom-psych / heavy-progressive project MARS RED SKY reveal details on their new album ‘Dawn Of The Dusk‘ – due out on December 8th 2023 via Mrs Red Sound and Vicious Circle Records. The eight-track record is packed with the band’s overflowing inspiration that has made their reputation in France and around the World over the last 10 years. Fuzz-laden video extract “Break Even” is available now!

‘Dawn Of The Dusk’: the beginning and the end are one. Mirror effects, reversals, double-dealing, deterioration… This fifth studio effort from French heavy psychedelic stalwarts MARS RED SKY is a genuine conceptual piece of work skilfully designed to take the listener on a journey through a shifting, unpredictable and even utterly disconcerting sonic universe. Bordeaux-based trio explore progressive and post-metal territories with boundless inspiration. Their original signature of jagged vocals and thundering rhythm is spiced up by drones and various mid-kraut rock and mid-gothic effects. The atmospheres and settings are finely crafted and linked by Julien Pras’s voice, who brings a delicious pop languor. Debut single “Break Even” shapes the components of the album into a kind of reversible allegory, as appealing as disturbing. The video directed by Clara Griot invites us to enter their post-apocalyptic world with wild open eyes.

MARS RED SKY album cover


  1. Break Even
  2. Maps of Inferno
  3. The Final Round
  4. A Choir of Ghosts
  5. Carnival Man
  6. Trap Door
  7. Slow Attack
  8. Heavenly Bodies

Brought up on bands like Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard or My Bloody Valentine, Bordeaux-based outfit MARS RED SKY had no idea that they were about to become French stoner scene cornerstones when they founded the band in 2007. Yet the heavy psychedelic trio already share many similarities and obvious connections with the “heavy and slow” community. Free from any musical genre consideration, the musicians build their very own style on the tracks of the underground pioneers. Julien Pras’ ethereal and melodic voice emerges from a thick and complex rhythm, carried by sci-fi literature’s lyricism. Almost cinematic, MARS RED SKY’s sounding has a peculiar and unique flavor, standing out within the heavy rock scene.

Hypnotic, exhilarating, heavy, their self-titled debut album conquered the very select heavy family and brought the trio to the biggest international rock and metal stages (SXSW, Hellfest, Desertfest, Roadburn). On stage, they manage to recreate their sophisticated studio atmospheres and to deliver the special sonic touch that characterises them. Their live shows absorb the listener, lose him into a visual and vibrant limbo and take him into another dimension.

A series of EP releases follow, including a split with post-metal sextet Year Of No Light in 2012. In 2014, MARS RED SKY begin a collaboration with French label Listenable Records and welcome their new drummer Matgaz to replace Benoît Busser who decides to leave the band. Together they complete the albums “Stranded In Arcadia” (2014), “Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)” (2016) and “The Task Eternal” (2019). Matgaz’s vision and musicianship create depth in the trio’s personality, which take a darker and more massive turn throughout these three productions.

The band’s latest EP (out April 2023 on Mrs Red Sound & Vicious Circle) features dark folk artist Queen Of The Meadow. The power of psychedelic heavy meets the depth of dark folk harmonies in a complex and exhilarating flavor. The daring combination opens up the genres to a whole new dimension.
New album ‘Dawn Of The Dusk’ is set to be released on December 8th 2023 on both record labels Mrs Red Sound and Vicious Circle Records.

Julien Pras: vocals, guitars
Jimmy Kinast: bass, vocals
Matgaz: drums

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