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METAL WARRIOR Releases New Video “The Battle Will Be Won”

“The song ‘The Battle Will Be Won’ resonates with anyone that’s seeking to achieve. Let them say you can’t do it. Let them say you’re not worthy. Let them tell you that you won’t succeed. Trust me my friends, you can and will prove them wrong. Whatever your personal or team’s battle is, as the lyric says…’you know you have it in you!’ After all, as the famous old saying goes…not all heroes are powerful Lycan warrior band leaders from the planet Novar on the edge of the Five Galaxies!” – Metal Warrior

Follow Metal Warrior on their journey via digital singles available on all major streaming platforms, as well as their soon to be released physical graphic novel series.

The exciting new graphic novel “Metal Warrior: Pskydin’s Descent – Book 1 (of 9)” and the accompanying 7” record featuring “The Battle Will Be Won” drops April 3rd and will also be available at WonderCon.

Battles are historical, and they are current. They are big, and they are small. They are epic, and they are everyday. The latest single released from the historical, big and epic band Metal Warrior pays tribute to the triumphs we all aspire to. And that Metal Warrior does. No one knows triumph and glory better.

Featuring searing guitar riffs, driving beats, and huge vocal melodies, the effects of the song are undeniable. “We are fully aware of the significance of the impact of our music on the human psyche, and are proud to bring our everlasting message of inspiration and intergalactic goodwill once again to the good peoples of Earth,” said bandleader Pskydin. “The bad peoples, however, can fuck right off,” he clarified, “as this song is not to be used by any aspiring Oknjars or dictators of any race or color, be they black, brown, white or orange.”

The song features a ‘lyric video’ made to further inspire the winning spirit. “The Battle Will Be Won” has been an instant hit. Teams ranging from football, to rugby and debate the world over adopting “The Battle Will Be Won” as their theme song. “Our team instantly gravitated towards the song and made it our official theme,” said Coach Adelman of Granting Heights High School. “It really charges the guys up and gets the crowd cheering and singing along.”

Metal Warrior is the legendary band originating from far across the TSDC (Time Space Dimension Construct), that is known for fighting righteous battles and spreading the message of heavy metal music across the galaxies. Their new double album The Crushed Souls of Our Enemies is due to drop in 2024 via vinyl, CD and streaming platforms. Please note that this release contains Earth-centric information.


Metal Warrior is:
Pskydin – Vocals, Guitar
Queen Va – Vocals, Guitar
Torq – Drums, more drums
Quanndamm – Bass, Vocals

Metal Warrior online: 





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