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Millennial Reign “World on Fire” Album Review by. Curtis J. Dupree

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Millennial Reign has now dropped their first full-length album with vocalist Tiffany Galchutt. I know some of us were quite excited to hear this collaboration as there is something of ath of strong female power metal vocalists Christian music, and Millennial Reign is a well-known power metal band with the ability to deliver the goods. So how did everything turn out?

Ultimately what we have here is classy power metal record with strong musicianship, lyrics, and, yes, vocals. The songwriting remains entrenched in the power metal camp, but it does so with a good deal of dynamics, keeping every song from sounding the same. Lone complaint in this department is that most tracks begin in a somewhat similar fashion, at least for the first few seconds. But when the songs get going they easily stand on their own.

The production on this album is strong. It has a clear, modern sound, but it is not lifeless. The riffs are clearly heard, as is the orchestral elements, as well as the rhythm section. The vocals are also nice and clear.

Vocally, Tiffany Galchutt easily proves her mettle and it is safe to say she is probably one of the best female vocalists in Christian metal. Her presence here elevates every song. The musicians all bring their A-game here with Dave Harvey contributing excellent riffs and tasteful, but shredding solos. The rhythm section of Neil Bertrand on bass and Pedro Cortes on drums deserves special mention, as well. They are clearly very skilled, but they play to fit the song and use a lot of dynamics in their performance.
The proceedings kick off with a brief intro entitled “Exousia.” What we have here is a blend of orchestral and keyboard styles that works quite well to build anticipation for the next track. I appreciate the fact that the intro is kept under a minute in length.

“Bring Me to Life” follows, blending orchestral undercurrents with strong drumming and memorable riffing. When the vocals kick in they are delivered with an appropriate mixture of power and subtlety. The chorus is instantly memorable and well-sung by Galchutt. The guitar solo is excellently composed and performed, fitting the song perfectly. This song is a clear winner.

Beginning with a Middle-Eastern flavor is “Wandering.” The background vocals here are quite effective, as is the driving rhythm. Some of the riffs here are standouts. I appreciate that Galchutt doesn’t oversell her vocals. When the music calls for a softer approach, that is what she provides. However, as the song ramps up she ramps up the power in her delivery. The melodies here are quite strong and the band sounds great. We also get another smoking guitar solo, although it could stand to be a bit longer.
“Trust” begins with a nice keyboard melody. Once again the rhythm section is a standout. I appreciate that the band doesn’t just pulverize you but uses different rhythms to fit the songs. The melodic guitar leads in the intro are also quite nice, as are the verse melodies. The chorus here is probably one of my favorites for its catchy hook, clear lyrics, and soaring vocals. The symphonic elements add a bit of extra oomph.

Beginning with a speedier keyboard melody is “We Follow On.” The band sounds great here as they ramp up the speed. Galchutt’s vocals soar here, but I don’t think the hooks are quite as strong as on some of the other songs, although they are far from bad—they simply feel a little more forced than on some other tracks. Ultimately this song works well as a speedier number. It also sports a great solo.
“Eternity” follows and boasts strong hooks, particularly on the pre-chorus and chorus. A lovely solo can be found here, as well. The song is quite dynamic.

A brief interlude entitled “Parousia” comes next, followed by the hard-hitting “Crack the Eastern Sky.” This song sports one of the album’s best riffs. The chorus soars overtop driving rhythms.
“Tongues of Fire” hits hard from the very beginning and it does so excellently. The melodies and hooks here are strong, especially on the epic chorus. The solo work is superb. It’s hard to see any power metal fan being disappointed with this track.

The title track comes next and begins with a lovely keyboard melody. The chorus is both forceful and irresistible and will have you singing along in no time. The solo shreds. Millennial Reign has cooked up another winner with this track.

“Onward to Victory” keeps the speed up. The melodies are strong, as is the driving rhythm work. Another great solo is the cherry on top.

The final track, “Allied Forces” simply rages with hard-hitting rhythms and compelling riffing. Galchutt wails over top and the chorus is simply anthemic. The solo also shreds exceptionally well.
When all is said and done, Millennial Reign has definitely delivered the goods. Every aspect of this album is well-done, from the soaring vocals and strong musicianship to the dynamic and memorable songwriting. Any power metal fan or fan of female-fronted metal needs to make World on Fire a priority listen.

Curtis’ rating: 8.75/10

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01. Exousia
02. Bring Me To Life
03. Wandering
04. Trust
05. We Follow On
06. Eternity
07. Parousia
08. Crack the Eastern Sky
09. Tongues of Fire
10. World on Fire
11. Onward to Victory
12. Allied Forces

Millennial Reign line-up:
Tiffany Galchutt  – Vocals
Dave Harvey – Guitars
Neil Bertrand – Bass
Pedro Cortes – Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Harvey at The Upper Room Studio
Artwork by Jan Yrlund (Battle Beast, Apocalyptica, Delain)

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