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Mission of One launches Cordelia, official lyric video

Mission of One Kill the Cobra

They haven’t worked on anything metal for themselves in 10 years. This year marks the return of Mission Of One and the release of their new album “Kill The Cobra.”

Mission Of One is a one-man project, with the individual handling all rhythm & bass guitars, vocals, and drum programming. The lead guitar was contributed by Pethead at CMR (Keven Hasselquist of Sardis).

Expect a pleasant surprise when you hear the music!

The album was recorded at KT Studios, which is affectionately known as their “kitchen table” studio. Interestingly, this studio also served as the recording location for the bass tracks on the new Lordchain EP and the mastering of Joshua’s Creed’s upcoming second album. Their kitchen table has become famous!

The brand new song from Mission Of One! It is a true story that I learned of a few years ago during a stateside mission trip“. Chris Dickens

Mission Of One is: Chris Dickens (all bass, rhythm guitars, vocals, and drum programming)

Lead guitars for “Cordelia” were preformed by Kevin Hasselquist of Sardis.

Recorded at KT Studios

Stay tuned for more.

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