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“MORNE” To Join Author & Punisher On North American Winter Tour.

MORNE Band Members

Boston, Massachusetts’ MORNE will join Author & Punisher for a short run of North American live dates. The nine-date journey kicks off February 23rd in Cambridge, Massachusetts and runs through March 3rd in Brooklyn, New York. Additional support will be provided by Glassing.

MORNE guitarist/vocalist Miłosz Gassan comments, “This is our first North East/Mid-West run in a very long time. We will also play cities we haven’t played before and I really hope people will come out and share those nights with us. Cheers to Author & Punisher for inviting us. See you on the road!”

MORNE Album Covers

MORNE w/ Author & Punisher, Glassing:

2/23/2024 Sonia – Cambridge, MA
2/24/2024 La Source de la Martinière – Quebec City, QC
2/25/2024 Garrison – Toronto, ON
2/27/2024 Sanctuary – Detroit, MI
2/28/2024 Reggies – Chicago, IL
2/29/2024 Black Circle – Indianapolis, IN
3/01/2024 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
3/02/2024 Broken Goblet – Bensalem, PA
3/03/2024 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

MORNE released their Engraved With Pain full-length last November via Metal Blade Records. Engraved With Pain is a moment of grim triumph, as rooted in Celtic Frost as in Ministry, still somehow extrapolated from the gods Black Sabbath and characteristic of no one so much as themselves. Spacious, crushing, darkly thoughtful enough to be progressive but never so indulgent as to lose sight of its core message, the offering was recorded with legendary producer Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts.

The stylistic pyroclasm of MORNE’s bleak, extreme but reachable metal did not happen overnight. Since their 2009 debut album, Untold Wait, the quartet has made simple categorizations like “doom” or even “metal” laughable, and their latest and fifth full-length, fittingly titled Engraved With Pain, refines their attack to a level toward which even 2018’s To The Night Unknown could only hint.

Playing out across four chapters in forty-minutes, the album sees the veteran outfit crafting rhythmic tension and lung-squeezing atmospheres as Gassan emits layered guttural shouts that speak to inner and outer crises. Engraved With Pain makes its title believable, and from its eponymous opener through “Memories Like Stone,” “Wretched Empire,” and “Fire And Dust,” it carries humanity individually and collectively through the realities of its decline.

MORNE’s power and ferocity run like a machine boring into the earth, exposing that idea and using their hammering approach to make an intellectual dent into the minds of the misled. Maybe one record won’t change everything, but we need more pieces like these to wake us the fuck up and make us realize the incredibly dangerous slope on which we’re dangling.” – Meat Mead Metal

“Very much MORNE at their finest.” – PopMatters

“…an absolute banger of an album.” – Everything Is Noise

“…when I heard it the first time I felt both emotionally and physically crushed… No, it definitely is not an optimistic song. The musical motifs from the track that get stuck hardest in the head are wailing and bleakly writhing guitar arpeggios and moaning pick slides, and the vocals are shattering in their ruinous intensity.” – No Clean Singing on “Wretched Empire”

“… a very powerful statement. It’s raw and honest, yet the production and musicianship keep the tracks approachable and utterly compelling.” – Distorted Sound

“There are equal amounts of pain and suffering on the album, along with a deep depression that medication cannot cure. The fade-out at the end is like your will to live slowly draining away, and although you muster up enough strength for a last-minute fight, it is useless, because once that hole is opened, your fate is sealed.” – Metal Temple.

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