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NANOWAR OF STEEL Fights the “Metal Boomer Battalion” with New Lyric Video

NANOWAR OF STEEL band members

Dedicated to providing the world with laughter, NANOWAR OF STEEL recently released their most multi-faceted and intelligently fresh comedic album, Dislike To False Metal. Traversing the much too often self-important universe of modern heavy metal, the Italian quintet performed their disturbingly addictive songs like “Disco Metal” and “Pasadena 1994” (over 2M YouTube video views) during this year’s tour with Frozen Crown and on festival stages like Summer Breeze Open Air.

In anticipation of their upcoming North American touring debut with headliner DragonForce and special guests Amaranthe and Edge Of Paradise, which kicks off October 20, NANOWAR OF STEEL have shared a lyric video for Metal Boomer Battalion. The band dodges the social media musings of the world wide web’s most elite cat-meme-sharing sector of comment section experts in this hilarious visual.

NANOWAR OF STEEL on “Metal Boomer Battalion”:
“The ‘Metal Boomer Battalion’ is the anthem of today’s Legion of Metalheads, fighting post by post online to restore the purity and sanctity of our beloved music genre.
The Metal Boomer Battalion knows that the Metal Scene was much better in 1922 and that by the power of their threats to unfollow and unsubscribe the unbelievers they will force bands to play only metal that is TRUE. 
Become a Keyboard Warrior Of the World, join the Metal Boomer Battalion today!”

Expertly exploring a mind-boggling amount of entirely different metal subgenres on 10 hilarious anthems, NANOWAR OF STEEL never cease to amaze with an equally-impressive dose of intelligently fresh comedic delivery that’ll have listeners rolling with laughter, and undeniable songwriting skill that’ll have their fellow genre-mates scheduling more practice sessions. Dislike To False Metal is beyond a comedy album – it’s a disconcertingly masterful showcase of above-the-bar musicianship, creative lyricism and boundless imagination.

NANOWAR OF STEEL album cover

Dislike To False Metal Tracklist:
1.    Sober
2.    Winterstorm in the Night feat. Madeleine Liljestam (Eleine)
3.    Disco Metal
4.    Muscle Memories
5.    Chupacabra Cadabra
6.    Pasadena 1994 feat. Joakim Broden (Sabaton)
7.    Metal Boomer Battalion
8.    Dimmu Boogie
9.    Protocols (of the elders of Zion) of love
10.  The Power of Imodium
Dislike To False Metal is available in the following formats:
1 LP Gatefold PURPLE – (limited to 500 copies worldwide)
1CD Digisleeve
Digital Album
Gatto Panceri 666 – Bass
Potowotominimak – Vocals
Mr. Baffo – Vocals
Mohammed Abdul – Guitar
Uinona Raider – Drums

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