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Neocracy: A Musical Odyssey Born from Pandemic Reflections


During the summer of 2020, amidst the pandemic, Volker Pannek, his son Tim Pannek, and Franziska Stolze, who were already linked through various musical projects and brought together by their extensive live performance backgrounds, embarked on a creative journey. Their mission was to utilize this period meaningfully by crafting songs that not only showcased their adeptness at maintaining the authentic essence of their instruments but also stood out for their structured composition and memorable melodies.

The trio quickly settled on a name for their venture: NEOCRACY, a clever blend of words hinting at a ‘new democracy,’ which also served as a revival of a previous project led by Volker that had produced two albums in the past. The drummer from the original NEOCRACY lineup joined them, adding a sense of continuity and depth to their work.

Initially, their musical creations were intended solely for their personal enjoyment, recognizing the challenging landscape of the music industry in terms of fame and financial success. However, as they delved deeper into the recording process, the personal investment and emotional depth each member contributed to the songs sparked a realization that their work deserved a broader audience. They believe in the power of music to connect through shared emotions and experiences.

NEOCRACY calls Eisdorf, a quaint village in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, their home. They hope to extend their musical outreach and are keen on receiving feedback on their album.

As part of their journey to share their art, NEOCRACY invites you to experience the emotional depth of their music by watching the official video for “NEOCRACY – TORMENT“. This visual and auditory piece promises to be a testament to their craft and the heartfelt dedication behind their project.

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