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Night Fever is back stronger than ever with a new album, Dead End out in February 2024!

Night Fever band members

Night Fever has been delivering their Danish brand of K-Town hardcore since 2007, and after a ten-year hiatus Svart Records are proud to release their third full length album, Dead End on vinyl, CD and digital formats in February 2024.

Numerous tours and gigs around the globe have honed Night Fever’s mix of old school hardcore and heavy metal into a razor-sharp unit which will make your speakers bleed sweat! Dead End is undeniably the tightest and most furious Night Fever album yet. 

The band’s vast knowledge of the history of hardcore and metal are evident in all 12 tracks on this album. You can hear influences ranging from Poison Idea and Death Side to Slapshot, and even youth crew bands like Side By Side and Youth Of Today. Throw in a heavy dose of Motörheadish rock’n’roll and lead guitar work that could easily be from one your favorite New Wave Of British Heavy Metal albums – and you have Night Fever. Vocalist Salomon’s raging vocals are like a mix of Glen Danzig, Ray Cappo and Jack “Choke” Kelly. His lyrics deliver his personal frustration with the state of the world and life in general. “Welcome to the real world: Life is hell.”

This heavymetallic HARD to the CORE album will be released on 2nd of February 2024.

2.2. Night Fever: Dead End (LP/CD pre-order)

2.2. Night Fever: Dead End (Digital pre-order)

Night Fever: Lone Wolf 7” (order it directly from the band with an extra track)

Night Fever album cover


Dead End 2:58
Rot 2:05
Numb The Pain 2:53
Lone Wolf 3:32
Amen 2:17
Up The Wall 2:14
Reunited 3:03
Waiting For Death 3:12
By The Throat 2:45
Life Is Hell 2:26
The Killing Floor 2:48
Make ‘Em Pay 2:26

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Night Fever Bandcamp

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