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Night Shall Drape Us signed to Season of Mist


Night Shall Drape Us are a new, raw, black metal band from Finland. They’re led by veteran members of the blasphemous Behexen and hellish Horna. Mark an upside down cross on your calendar for next spring, when the band will release their debut album.

“The incarnation of Night Shall Drape Us has been a long time coming”, the band says. “It started as a solo passion project, but finding the right people to complete the debut album – as well as finding the right label to partner up with – was an important and time taking process. We are pleased to take the next step with such a well-established label as Season of Mist.”

Night Shall Drape Us

LHR – All music and instruments / Live drummer
Spellgoth – Vocals
Infection – Vocals/ Live Guitar
Wraath – Vocals/ Live Bass Guitar
Vexd – Live Guitar

A blaze in the northern sky… Born from the mind and recorded & performed by LRH, Night Shall Drape Us came into its full glorious existence once he gathered his brothers in spirit and blood to handle vocal duties on the eight hymns that finally became their debut album titled LUNATIC CHOIR. Fast, melodic and uncompromising Black Metal executed to perfection.


Photo credit: Nikky Holmes

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