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OBSCURA Unveils “A Celebration I – Live in North America” Live Album


Embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of mind-bending melodies and technical virtuosity as Obscura unveils their much-anticipated live album, titled “A Celebration I – Live in North America.” This forthcoming release, set to emerge on October 27th via Nuclear Blast Records, is accompanied by a captivating live video for the track ‘The Anticosmic Overload’.

The album effortlessly transports you through the revered chapters of their musical legacy, encompassing cherished selections from albums like “Cosmogenesis,” “Omnivium,” “Akroasis,” “Diluvium,” and the groundbreaking “A Valediction.” Immerse yourself in the unfiltered vitality and unbridled passion of their stage performance, meticulously captured in this exclusive live recording.

Beyond showcasing Obscura’s unrivaled musical finesse, the live album provides a glimpse into their latest studio creation, “A Valediction.” Delve into the sonic landscapes of their recent opus as they plumb new depths and redefine the boundaries of the metal genre.

Spanning venues across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, these recordings crystallize moments from the ‘A Valediction World Tour’ that spanned 2022 to 2023. The tracks were mixed and mastered by the acclaimed producer and engineer Fredrik Nordström, in collaboration with Steffen Kummerer, the visionary behind Obscura. Kummerer shared insights about the album, stating, “A Celebration I – Live in North America” compiles a selection of concerts we delivered during the ‘A Valediction World Tour’ across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, spanning 2022 and 2023. After two decades, we’re thrilled to present Obscura’s inaugural live album, enriched with compositions from our last five releases. The process of sifting through each recorded show to handpick the finest song, the most enthusiastic audience, and an outstanding band performance has been a joy. To provide an initial glimpse, we chose ‘The Anticosmic Overload,’ a piece performed in the United States, as it marked our debut song in North America back in 2009.”

The accompanying video for the track ‘The Anticosmic Overload’ hails from the “Cosmogenesis” album and was expertly filmed by Vincent Grundke, who has been a dedicated videographer and photographer for the band since 2021.


Tracklist for “A Celebration I – Live in North America”:

  1. Forsaken
  2. Emergent Evolution
  3. Ode To The Sun
  4. The Anticosmic Overload
  5. Septuagint
  6. A Valediction
  7. Ocean Gateways
  8. Akroasis
  9. Orbital Elements II
  10. Incarnated


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