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OLATHIA Releases the Video for The Forest Witch, Recorded in a Remote Ohio Forest. 

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CLEVELAND, OH (December 11, 2023) — In a remote Ohio forest, Olathia dedicated 12 hours to filming The Forest Witch video. Towering trees, blistering sunlight, and uneven terrain put us on our asses a few times, but the sweat flowed, metal jammed, and the witches delivered the desired essence of creepiness. Gabe Fedor of Riffster Productions worked his magic, turning a sunny day into an eerie tale through video. You can watch the video below:

Talking about the new video, Chris E. lead singer adds, “We wanted to create a fast paced, heart pounding urban tale. Picture a car careening into a ditch, saved by a resilient Forest Witch emerging from magical woods. The driver undergoes a profound transformation, blurring reality and enchantment. Uncertainty, temptation, and consequences weave through this dark narrative. Is the trade divine, or has the Forest Witch cast a spell to free herself?”

On November 17th Olathia released their new full length album “The Forest Witch” on all digital platforms and on CD from the Olathia Bandcamp page. Purchase and listen to The Forest Witch:

Metal Tim Henderson from said this about Olathia… “Imagine a reincarnated Nevermore meeting Savatage with soaring female vocals and you’ve got the thrash-tastic Olathia that will surely have you doing a double take, they are that good.”

Having heard a early preview of “The Forest Witch”, Bill Peters from WJCU adds, “The Forest Witch pulverizes you from the cauldron of metal with a relentless sonic attack that never let’s up. Olathia’s HEAVIEST offering to date!”

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Track Listing:
The Forest Witch
Who’s The Devil
Last Breath
Satan on My Mind
Hall of the Mountain King

Band Members:
Chris E., vocals
Dylan Andras, guitar
Joe Lowrie, Drums
Terry Johnson, Bass

Production Details:
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Noah Buchanan at Mercinary Studios in Avon, Ohio. Produced by Olathia & Noah Buchanan.

Olathia Demo 2014
Hunters, Full-length 2015
We Are the Storm, 2019 Single Bill Peter’s WJCU Metal Holiday Show Anthem
Snake Charmer, Full-length 2019
Madness Reigns, EP 2022
The Forest Witch, Full-length 2023

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