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OOMPH! Unveils ‘Nur ein Mensch’ Official Video from ‘Richter und Henker’ Album

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OOMPH! has unveiled the official video for “Nur ein Mensch” (Only a Human) from their upcoming album “Richter und Henker,” set to release on Friday, September 8, through Napalm Records. This marks their 14th full-length album and introduces the new OOMPH! vocalist, Der Schulz, ushering in a new era for the band.

The track “Nur Ein Mensch” exhibits elements of new wave, combined with a heavy and groovy sound. It stands as an anti-war anthem and a powerful protest against warmongering and empty slogans that fuel hatred and conflict. The accompanying music video strongly reinforces the song’s message.

The band elucidated their intent behind the song, stating, “The song takes on an anti-war perspective from a soldier on the front lines. It underscores the realization that we are all fundamentally the same – we all experience suffering, mourning, and we all bleed the same color. Moreover, we hold no personal animosity towards those on the opposing side. Yet, we allow ourselves to be manipulated into conflict by power-hungry and unscrupulous leaders who profit from war, employing the same age-old tactics. Consequently, we are led into the battlefield, treated as expendable cannon fodder.”

They further added, “Collaborating within this new configuration has ignited our creativity in the studio to unprecedented levels. ‘Richter und Henker’ will feature exciting musical progressions and surprises while staying true to the signature OOMPH! sound. Even our trusted ‘test listeners’ affirm that the album unmistakably carries the OOMPH! essence.”

The album unquestionably demonstrates OOMPH!’s resurgence with their revamped lineup. The album kicks off with “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt” (For Whom The Bell Tolls), an immediate statement powered by a substantial dose of industrial metal. The title track, “Richter und Henker,” enthralls listeners with its blend of captivating guitars and impassioned vocals, all while critiquing oblivious social movements. The new wave influences are palpable in the heavy and groovy anti-war anthem “Nur Ein Mensch” (Only A Human). “Wut” (Anger) features a collaboration with the renowned genre figure, Joachim Witt.

Having established themselves in 1989, OOMPH! has emerged as a profoundly influential band, serving as an inspiration to subsequent Neue Deutsche Härte heavyweights. “Richter und Henker” reaffirms their enduring dominance in the music scene, solidifying their position as leaders in the genre.

OOMPH Richter und Henker Artwork.png

Track List:

  1. Wem die Stunde Schlägt
  2. Richter und Henker
  3. Soll das Liebe Sein?
  4. Nur Ein Mensch
  5. Schrei nur Schrei
  6. Nichts wird mehr Gut
  7. Sag Jetzt Einfach Nichts
  8. Es ist Nichts, Wie es Scheint
  9. Wo die Angst Gewinnt
  10. All die Jahre
  11. Wut feat. Joachim Witt
  12. Ein Kleines Bisschen Glück

“Richter und Henker” will be available in the following formats:

  • Deluxe Box, including 1 CD 6 pages Digisleeve, Hangman Block, 2 pencils, socks, tote bag, A6 photo card (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)

Napalm Records Store exclusive: 

  • 2 LP Die Hard Gatefold Marbled Transparent Red/Black Vinyl incl slipmat, 12 inch booklet and record butler (strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide)
  • 2 LP Gatefold Gold Vinyl (strictly limited to 1000 copies) – GSA Retail exclusive
  • 2 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl
  • 1 CD 6 pages Digisleeve
  • Digital Album
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