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Orchestral heavy metal project BRIGHT & BLACK release ‘The Album’

BRIGHT BLACK Band Members scaled

A symphony orchestra. Composers from the world of metal. A wild conductor. A truly unique soloist. Attitude and talent. This is: BRIGHT & BLACK

Today, orchestral heavy metal project BRIGHT & BLACK have released their new album, The Album. Metal music and orchestral music, two worlds existing in parallel, finally clash and a sound not yet heard is born. In an unprecedented move, the world of metal will fuse with the world of the orchestra by having writers all rooted in the metal scene compose directly for the orchestra giving them a completely new set of colours to create a new set of sounds. With a bang.

“Challenging and unique.” – Rock Hard (9/10)

“Great musicians with a great idea and a fantastic realization of it.” – (10/10)

The full-scale Dolby Atmos album production of the project was recorded with an orchestra of 65 players in the autumn of 2022 at the Estonian National Radio studio in Tallinn. Produced by Jacob Hellner. Performed by Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Conducted by Kristjan Järvi. Orchestrations by Jonny Abraham. On location production by Sunbeam Productions. Additional recordings took place at Urban Sound, Oslo, the postproduction and mix took place at Big Island Sound in Stockholm.

At the core of BRIGHT & BLACK is the music. Contributors are Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica), Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth), Erik Danielsson (Watain), Nico Elgstrand (Entombed AD), Tomas HaakeDick Lövgren (Meshuggah), Jacob Hellner and Kristjan Järvi.

Music can be magical. And the magic of music is never greater than the experience of a live performance. Kristjan Järvi and Baltic Sea Philharmonic have aroused audiences across Europe for years with a totally fresh approach to how an orchestra performs. No sheet music and everybody standing up makes it a very dynamic, organic and different experience. And with Eicca Toppinen as front man a BRIGHT & BLACK show will be something out of the normal, both for an orchestral audience as well as the metal crowd.


Track Listing: 
1. Nidhugg
2. Bloodgrind
3. Can’t Explain This
4. Collateral Damage
5. The Secret
6. Mounts of Misfortune
7. Armies of the Preposterous
8. A World of Strange
9. From Dust and Mud
10. And Flesh and Bone
11. Midnite Son
12. End of All

Tour Dates

07.03.24 – Alexela Concert Hall, Tallinn
08.03.24 – Filadelfia Convention Center, Stockholm
11.03.24 – Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin
14.03 – Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong

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