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Order of Nosferat “The Absence of Grace” Album Review by Carlos Villanueva


Embarking on a journey into the shadows, “The Absence of Grace” by Order of Nosferat emerges as a captivating exploration into the realms of vampiric black metal. This album, the band’s fifth, marks a matured continuation of their distinctive style, intertwining old-world charm with a fresh, emotive depth that encapsulates the listener from start to finish.

With a history rich in the exploration of undead themes through a black metal lens, Order of Nosferat, composed of the enigmatic Count Revenant and Anzillu, has consistently expanded their horizons. Their latest offering delves deeper into atmospheric territories, showcasing a nuanced evolution from their earlier, more aggressive works. “The Absence of Grace” is an anthology of sorrow and darkness, presented through a blend of crisp, ethereal production and a deliberate pace that oscillates between melancholy and a fierce, incensed energy.

The album intricately weaves synthetic elements with traditional black metal instrumentation, creating an ethereal soundscape. The synth, not merely an accompaniment but a protagonist in its own right, accentuates the album’s narrative arc, providing an atmospheric backdrop that enhances the storytelling. The structure of the album, with its mix of interludes and full-length tracks, might traditionally challenge the patience of some listeners. However, in this instance, it crafts an engaging experience that invites the audience into the desolate, moonlit world Order of Nosferat conjures with ease.

Lyrically and musically, “The Absence of Grace” ventures beyond mere vampiric lore. It offers a reflection on despair, solitude, and the timeless quest for meaning amidst an unyielding darkness. The sorrowful riffs and hauntingly measured percussions by Anzillu complement Revenant’s lyrical themes and synth compositions, creating a cohesive piece that stands as a testament to the duo’s synergy and shared vision.

What sets this album apart is not just its thematic coherence or its atmospheric depth, but its ability to evoke a spectrum of emotions. From the introspective melancholy to the stirring crescendos, there’s a palpable sense of journey and transformation. It’s a rare achievement that speaks to the skill and artistic integrity of Order of Nosferat.

However, the album is not without its critiques. Some may find the reliance on synths and atmospheric elements over traditional song structures a departure too far from black metal’s raw roots. Yet, for those willing to embrace this blend, “The Absence of Grace” offers a rich, immersive experience.

In summary, “The Absence of Grace” stands as a profound exploration of the darker recesses of the human condition, wrapped in the cloak of vampiric narrative. It’s an album that demands attention, not just for its musical craftsmanship but for the emotional odyssey it represents. Rating it a solid 8 out of 10, it’s clear that Order of Nosferat continues to redefine the boundaries of black metal, inviting listeners into their hauntingly beautiful world of darkness and despair.

Order of Nosferat ALBUM

Tracklisting for Order of Nosferat’s The Absence of Grace
1. Behold the Rising Horrors
2. Floating with the Ravaged Ones
3. In This Solitude We Dwell
4. Devoured by Lurking Shadows
5. Scratch out my Face on Every Portrait
6. Under the Sinister Shroud of Isolation
7. The Absence of Grace
8. Blood Stains the Fallen Snow
9. Cruelty Bestowed Revelation
10. Remain in Everlasting Silence

Revenant – guitars, bass, synth, songwriting
Anzillu – drums


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