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ØVI Unleashes Debut Single “Crucifixation” With a Haunting Music Video.

ØVI Band Members

Emerging from the shadows of the metal underground, the anonymous collective ØVI is proud to announce the release of their debut single “Crucifixation”. This intense track is accompanied by a striking music video.

Rooted deeply in the black and death metal traditions, ØVI draws inspiration from genre giants like GOJIRA, DIMMU BORGIR, ENSLAVED, and ANAAL NATHRAKH. “Crucifixation” delivers a relentless onslaught of blistering riffs and brutal drumming, but not without enchanting melodies, to create a raw and captivating listening experience.

The lyrics of “Crucifixation” delve into the dark corners of self-sabotage and masochism, painting a vivid picture of internal strife and turmoil. The accompanying music video enhances these themes, showcasing haunting visual metaphors that capture the essence of the music’s narrative — a dark journey through the psyche of self-destructive impulses.

The music video for “Crucifixation” extends this thematic exploration, presenting a series of stark, powerful images that mirror the song’s exploration of inner darkness. 

ØVI remains shrouded in anonymity, believing that their identities should not overshadow their artistic output. This philosophy is evident in their music video, which prioritizes atmospheric imagery over band performance, allowing the themes and music to stand starkly at the forefront.

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