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Polar – Release Second Single With New Line Up ‘Swimming With Sharks’

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Polar has been a driving force in the music scene since 2009, known for their relentless, chaotic, and raw sound paired with notoriously energetic live performances. Over the past 15 years, Polar has built a strong reputation, becoming a force to be reckoned with. In 2023, the band underwent a major line-up change, leaving founding member Adam Woodford (singer) to carry the torch as the relationship between past members dissolved. Determined to turn a negative situation into a positive, Adam Woodford rebuilt Polar, bringing on board Stefan Whiting (Bass), Bruno Consani(Guitar), Simon Richardson (Guitar), and Max Flohr (Drums), with the focus on giving Polar a whole new lease on life.

With a fresh perspective and positivity, the newly formed Polar has played the main stage at Resurrection Festival, completed European and UK tours, and written and recorded Polar’s sixth studio album with producer Jack Murphy(Crystal Sound Studios), titled ‘Five Arrows’. This album delves deep into the subject of the destructive power of change, which Polar regards as their strongest work to date. With newfound positivity and determination, the band truly feels unstoppable and continues to grow from strength to strength. Polar is stronger than ever, and nothing will get in their way.

The band continues their new album cycle with the release of ‘Swimming With Sharks’, which is out on Arising Empire Records on the 20th of June, 2024. Throughout the cycle, the band has already garnered support from ConsequenceRevolverKnotfestApple MusicDeezerTidalDistorted Sound Magazine, and many other publications.

Adam Woodford – “The lyrical concept of this song came to me early on after the band went through its lineup change. It was a very low and weak moment for me and the band – honestly there was a shared view of hoping that the band wouldn’t survive, and continuation had left the band wide open to be torn apart. It was such a raw and deep feeling for me, and I wanted to convey this lyrically in a song. I used the imagery that the band was an injured person in the abyss of the ocean being pursued by sharks as they can smell my blood waiting for its time to attack. The song has a feel of desperation and the determination to survive before you are swallowed whole.”

Polar is back with a renewed vigor, ready to conquer the music world once again with their latest release and an unstoppable drive to succeed.

The band are already announced for the following European shows with ACCVSED* this year too, and have lots more to come on the live front!


Tour dates:

26.06.24 (DE) Bochum – Die Trompete*

27.06.24 (DE) Leipzig – Moritzbastei*

28.06.24 (CZ) Mighty Sounds Festival

29.06.24 (DE) Dresden – Chemiefabrik

30.06.24 (DE) Frankfurt – Das Bett*

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