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Post-hardcore band trueandtrue invites you to a raw and emotional rollercoaster with their new single, “Erased U”!


“Erased U” takes the listener on a journey full of dynamics and emotions, from heart-wrenching moments of melancholy to powerful bursts of pure energy. 
Trueandtrue have established themselves as an emerging force in the Norwegian music scene, and “Erased U” showcases their ability to deliver a sonic experience that leaves a profound impact!

Lyricist Vincent Engebretsen elaborates:

“With ‘Erased U,’ I wanted to convey the feeling of witnessing a relationship you’re involved in falling apart. The lyrics reflect on trying to remove emotions associated with a person and dealing with reality in an honest way. 
With an instrumental that showcases the band at its most dynamic, I wanted the lyrics to mirror that and address an experience and emotion that is quite ambivalent. 
I believe ‘Erased U’ represents a fairly universal experience of closure and new beginnings.”

FFO: La Dispute, mewithoutyou, Touché Amoré, Basement, Defeater


Trueandtrue plays driving and energetic post-hardcore. Playful yet genre-conscious, they serve a hard-hitting, emotional, and exploratory sonic landscape. The combination of clever guitar parts and spoken-word vocals creates an exciting universe where you’d prefer to linger. 
Trueandtrue’s music is sure to land on your favorites list.
After releasing a total of five singles in 2023, the band has showcased themselves as an exploratory and unrestrained band. 
The tracks have gotten attention both internationally and nationally, including from GAFFA, NRK P3 and P13, A&R Factory, Reflections of Darkness, and Disharmoni.

“This is a band with a sound that, for good reason, is becoming more and more noticed within the Norwegian music sphere” – GAFFA Norway

Trueandtrue dials up the rancorous momentum that hits with the same impact as some of the most seminally unforgettable singles from Alexisonfire and At the Drive-In.“ 
– A&R Factory

TRUEANDTRUE Album Covers 1

Vocals / Guitar – Vincent Engebretsen
Guitar – Simen Vinje
Bass – Nicolay Kjærnet
Drums – August Røse

Credits Erased U: 
Written by Simen Winje, Gaute Falch, Nicolay Kjærnet & Vincent Engebretsen
Produced and mixed by Vincent Engebretsen 
Mastered by Brad Boatright 
Drums recorded by Bosse Krogh at Taakeheimen lydrike 

Band links:  Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok @trueandtrueband Spotify

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