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QUEENSRŸCHE Shares Music Video For Rendition Of BILLY IDOL’s Smash Hit ‘Rebel Yell’


Queensrÿche has released their music video for their cover version of the Billy Idol‘s classic “Rebel Yell”. The video was created by Thomas Crane for killDevil Films, and the rendition was a bonus track on the band’s latest album, 2022’s “Digital Noise Alliance”

Once again teaming up with producer Zeuss (Rob ZombieHatebreed), “Digital Noise Alliance” not only refracts Queensrÿche‘s past accomplishments but also pushes into the band’s future. It is the band effortlessly moving from strength to strength: immediate and thought-provoking.

“Digital Noise Alliance” is quintessentially Queensrÿche. Track to track it embodies the lush melodies, passion and intelligence that’s been the mark of the band since they first took hold of the flame with their hugely received self-titled 4-song EP in 1984.

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