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Ray Hawthorne Drops Dynamic Ryan Gosling Themed Music Video & Debut EP “Heartbreak Feels Good In A Place Like This”

Ray Hawthorne

Love is in the air as Ray Hawthorne officially sets the mood with the release of his debut EP, “Heartbreak Feels Good in a Place Like This“, alongside a dynamic new music video featuring everyone’s favorite movies. Renowned for his work in North Kingsley with Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down, his inaugural solo release “Heartbreak Feels Good in a Place Like This” crowns him as the Heartbreak Hero. Fans can watch the brand new video below.

Accompanying the release of his debut EP is the music video for the epic title track, showcasing Hawthorne on a cinematic journey through the movies. Fans join him for a wild ride as he seamlessly weaves his own narrative into the fabric of movie magic. From heart-wrenching dramas to exhilarating adventures, the music video for “Heartbreak Feels Good in a Place Like This” encapsulates the universal themes of love, heartbreak, and redemption, mirroring the emotional journey captured in Hawthorne‘s lyrics.

Speaking on today’s single release, Ray Hawthorne shares:

I swear. I’m being dead serious. I’m not Ryan Gosling. For real. As I’m typing this I’m realizing that our first names have many of the same letters. R-Y-A-N, then just move some around, R-A-Y. I’m not sure what to do with the N, but 75% of our first name letters match. Now that I have realized this connection, I wonder if it’s possible that we’re actually the same person? Are we all Ryan Gosling? Or are none of us Ryan Gosling? Is Ryan Gosling even Ryan Gosling? I can’t handle the thought. I wanna see that movie where he plays a stuntman whenever it comes out. I forget what its called, but it looks real good.”

Lifting the curtain behind the EP release, Hawthorne continues:

Do you remember that episode of Degrassi where Ashley really wants Craig to tell her he loves her, but Craig gets all panicked and can’t tell her that he does? It causes so much drama in their relationship. She begins to question her feelings for him and because of that, he becomes seemingly unsure of his feelings for her. So, in an effort to quell the bad vibes, Craig writes a song that includes lyrics IMPLICITLY AND EXPLICITLY stating that he loves her. (Total banger by the way, the only song of his I like better is the one he sings at the battle of the bands after the two inevitably break up, it’s also about Ashley. I believe it’s called ‘What I Know’) I promise I’m going somewhere with this. Craig was only able to admit he loved Ashley in song form, but you as the viewer are left wondering ‘Does he really love her, or was this just his solution to end the drama?’ Or, ’Is this truly the only way he can express himself because he’s kind of nervous about speaking his true feelings outside of the structured environment of a song?’. I tend to believe it’s a mixture of both. So what I’m trying to say is, this collection of songs is kind of like that. I always feel like I have so much to say but often feel a bit to vulnerable when discussing my actual feelings. So for the majority of my life, I’ve just written them into songs instead. These songs can be quite vulnerable even if they seem silly at times. So now you’re left to wonder, am I telling the truth, or am I just trying to get rid of Ashley’s bad vibes?

As “EMERGENCY” feat. Kellin Quinn paved the way, its evident that Ray Hawthorne‘s debut EP, “Heartbreak Feels Good in a Place Like This” is an exploration of the human experience through the lens of a talented and fearless artist. His authenticity shines in his latest single, as he proves to be an emotional architect, constructing a musical landscape where vulnerability and strength coexist harmoniously. The EP serves as a mosaic of sentiments, each track unveiling a different facet of Hawthornethat hasn’t been seen in any of his previous projects.

Celebrated for his work as the vocalist of North Kingsley, alongside metal heavyweight Shavo Odadjian, his solo endeavor marks a genre-defying sound that seamlessly weaves elements of pop punk, emo, and alternative rock. Building on the success of North Kingsley, where he has garnered over 2 million Spotify streams, his new solo venture is eagerly anticipated as he fuses genres to further push creative boundaries. As he returns to the spotlight with this chapter, Ray Hawthorne is making the most of his distinctive voice and emotional lyricism, all while becoming everyone’s favorite Heartbreak Hero.

Be sure to to stay tuned for more new music from Ray Hawthorne coming very soon.

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