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RENDEZVOUS POINT “Dream Chaser” Album Review by Brett Olsen


RENDEZVOUS POINT embarks upon a reflective and intricate musical journey with their third studio endeavor, Dream Chaser. Exploiting the myriad avenues of progressive metal, this album emerges as a concise, yet profound exploration of human desires and existential musings, encapsulated within a soundscape that is as diverse in its execution as it is in its thematic core.

Opening with “Don’t Look Up,” the album unfurls an aura of mystique, melding grim guitar riffs with an electronic pulse that beckons the listener into its depths. The track sets a precedent for the album’s introspective dive, painting a sonic canvas that oscillates between the visceral and the ethereal. “Oslo Syndrome,” with its heavier instrumentation and emotive vocal delivery, crafts a narrative on the allure of the forbidden and the chaos it ensues, rendering a mesmerizing complexity that is both thought-provoking and melodically rich.

“Utopia” and “Fireflies” further demonstrate RENDEZVOUS POINT‘s adeptness at sculpting auditory experiences that are nuanced and layered. The former track, with its understated melodies, invites contemplation on an idyllic existence, while the latter ventures into territories of tension and mystery, showcasing the band’s dynamism and versatility.

“Presence” emerges as a flagship piece, narrating tales of internal struggle and resilience through a blend of aggressive musicality and poignant emotional depth. In contrast, “Wildflower” exercises restraint, its playful instrumentation belying a narrative of vigilance and caution. “The Tormented” and “Still Water” close the album on notes of introspection and serenity, with the latter serving as a gentle decrescendo into a state of reflective calmness, highlighted by Geirmund Hansen’s expressive vocal prowess.

Throughout Dream Chaser, RENDEZVOUS POINT – comprised of Geirmund Hansen, Baard Kolstad, Nicolay Tangen Svennæs, Petter Hallaråker, and Gunn-Hilde Erstad – traverses the gamut of human emotion and philosophical pondering. The album benefits from the collaborative synergy of the band, along with the mixing finesse of Adam Noble, presenting a sonic palette that is polished yet retains the raw energy and complexity characteristic of progressive metal.

While Dream Chaser marks a noteworthy leap in RENDEZVOUS POINT‘s musical odyssey, some listeners might find the album’s endeavour to marry profound thematic content with sound at times veering towards the abstract, potentially alienating those in search of more conventional structures and narratives within the genre. Nonetheless, the album stands as a daring expression of artistic vision and technical proficiency.

In a landscape where music often gravitates towards the accessible and the immediate, Dream Chaser contemplates the intangible and the perpetual – a pursuit marked by both its ambition and its imperfections. It encapsulates a moment in RENDEZVOUS POINT‘s evolution, one that respects their roots while daring to gaze into the abyss of the unknown.

Given its blend of complexity, emotion, and exploratory spirit, Dream Chaser earns itself a compelling 9/10. It’s a creation that, while not without its critiques, proves a worthy journey through the soundscapes of longing, transcendence, and the quest for a dream just beyond reach.

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Dream Chaser Track List:
Don’t Look Up 
Oslo Syndrome 
4 Fireflies 
5 Presence 
6 Wildflower 
7 The Tormented 
8 Still Water 

Geirmund Hansen – Vocals
Baard Kolstad – Drums
Nicolay Tangen Svennæs – Keyboards
Petter Hallaråker – Guitar
Gunn-Hilde Erstad – Bass


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