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SARLIC BLISS from Germany Reveals Debut Album Details “Brægn Hæft”

SARLIC BLISS band members

In the world of black and death metal, SARLIC BLISS, the German melodic doom and post-black metal outfit, has been making waves. Emerging in 2021 amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, SARLIC BLISS is a testament to the power of music in trying times. Comprising seasoned musicians who’ve been entrenched in the music scene for years, including notable figures like Daniel Fischer (Midnattsol) and Jochen Turn (Bann), the band sought a new avenue for creative expression, and their journey has led them to this significant moment.

Today, SARLIC BLISS is thrilled to unveil the details of their highly anticipated debut album, “Brægn Hæft.” Scheduled for release on November 2 through MDD Records, this album promises to be a remarkable addition to the genre. Featuring just six tracks, the album boasts an impressive runtime of over 45 minutes. SARLIC BLISS doesn’t rush; they take their time to allow each composition to fully flourish.

As expected from a band of this caliber, “Brægn Hæft” is a sonic journey into darkness, featuring aggressive-melancholic sounds that are both gloomy and brutal. The band masterfully weaves growls and clean vocals into their compositions, creating a richly textured atmosphere. SARLIC BLISS skillfully navigates the territories of doom, post-black, and death metal, infusing their lyrics with Old English language elements to enhance the authenticity of their music’s ambiance.

“Brægn Hæft” is a debut that’s dark, brutal, and captivating all at once. SARLIC BLISS was deeply involved in every aspect of the album’s creation, from the recordings to the production. The result is a cohesive masterpiece that allows the band to fully express themselves without compromise.

Prepare to embark on a musical odyssey with SARLIC BLISS as they unleash “Brægn Hæft” on November 2. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of their music, coming your way soon. Preorders for the album are already available.


A musical sample will be available soon. Preorders are available on MDD Shop.

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