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Savage Lands Performing on Main Stage at Hellfest with Special Guests.

Savage Lands Band Members (1)

The musician-run non-profit are also releasing a new single featuring Maria Franz from Heilung, Euzen and Songleikr.

Loud buzzing is music to the ear of most metalheads. But Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and guitarist Sylvain Demercastel are so enraged by the sound of chainsaws destroying Costa Rica’s ecosystem that they’ve started Savage Lands, a musician-run 501 (c) 3 non-profit. 

Savage Lands have protected 60,000 square feet of Costa Rican rainforest using royalties from their music. Next week, they’re planting their ecological flag at Hellfest with a little help from some of their famous friends. 

During their hour-long set at Hellfest, Savage Lands will perform classic metal covers along with other songs off their upcoming album, including new single “No Remedy”, which features Heilung’s Maria Franz.  

Watch the chilling video for “No Remedy” on the Season of Mist YouTube channel. 


Whether they’re planting trees or holed away in the studio, Savage Lands foster the spirit of collaboration. Recently, they made history by signing a joint manifesto that addresses the need for forest and wildlife preservation. This marks the first time that three active Costa Rican / US-based non-profits have officially banded together over a shared mission statement. 

“No Remedy” follows the same approach, though to different results than Savage Land’s first two singles. Sylvain still comes speeding out the gate with another burning riff that will ignite the crowd at Hellfest, but this is the most melodic song they’ve ever written. When the band hit the chorus, the guitars don’t crunch but crest into warm, washed-out power chords.  

“That’s one of the beautiful things about Savage Lands“, Sylvain says. “As a band, we’re not limited to just one genre. We can adapt to boost the strengths of whoever is joining us”.

Black Bomb A experts know Poun for his explosive screams, but on “No Remedy”, he simmers down in service of guest vocalist Maria Franz. Heilung are also partnering with Savage Lands by donating $1 for every ticket sold on their 2024 US tour to support their reforestation efforts, but their faithful followers might be surprised to hear that her soothing clean singing fits right at home with a heavy metal band. 

“Supporting what Savage Lands is doing on the ground in Costa Rica was an easy decision” Maria says. After all, Heilung have a tradition of donating to tree planting initiatives. “But when Sylvain sent me ‘No Remedy’, there was a sense of melancholy to the song that really resonated with me”.

Protecting the environment is the heartbeat of every Savage Lands song. “No Remedy” can be seen as a reflection on destroying the planet. The video was shot in an abandoned, run-down building that was once owned by Napoleon. But the song speaks to other human concerns. “I am locked in my head / And I lost the key”, Poun bemoans, his quiet desperation only answered by Maria’s haunting echo (“Never, never now”).

“We are all helpless to stop the passing of time”, Sylvain says. At the end of the video, the band members disappear from the screen, one by one, using an old-school film technique. “Each of us is left with only our memories”.    

Still, “No Remedy” does find a silver lining. “What do we need to live together?” Poun and Maria sing, their voices climbing, almost circling each other, before locking into perfect harmony. They might look mad as hell while yelling at each other across the kitchen table, but the whole video crew was in stitches after the sixth take of Maria throwing water on poor Poun. “Whether we’re talking about the environment or our friendships, it’s vital that we appreciate what we have during our time on this earth”, Sylvain says. 

Just listening to “No Remedy” helps support Savage Lands. 100% of the song’s royalties fund the musician-run non-profit’s preservation efforts in Costa Rica.

Artists occasionally support causes through donations to organizations. With SAVAGE LANDS, Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren teamed up with his guitar-wielding friend Sylvain Demercastel to create their own US 501(c)3 non-profit.

Savage Lands raises money for reforestation and the creation of sanctuaries free of human destruction in Costa Rica. Using their own royalties, donations and other fundraising efforts, the organization builds nature sanctuaries, establishes green zones and other land preservation projects. They partner with other non-profits, scientists and forest engineers, as well as Decibel Magazine and Season of Mist.  


“If you want to make a difference, take action! Our greatest hope with Savage Lands is that it will inspire you to join us, and if you can, to start your own initiative to help preserve animals, forests, and our planet”, says Dirk.

Stream –

Savage Lands Tour
Savage Lands Tour


  1. “The Last Howl” (5:48)
  2. “Black Rock Heart” (4:54)
  3. “No Remedy” (4:24)

Recording lineup for “No Remedy”
Sylvain Demercastel – Guitar
Poun (Black Bomb A) – Vocals
Etienne Treton (Black Bomb A) – Bass
Florian Pons (Loco Muerte) – Drums
Maria Franz – Guest Vocals

Production for “No Remedy”
Adair Daufembach

Recording of “No Remedy”
Savage Lands at Daufembach Studio in Los Angeles, CA

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